Oilersnation Radio: Leon Draisaitl’s dominance in Nashville, Darnell Nurse, and what is offside

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1 year ago
Another Friday has landed on your calendar and that means the boys are back with a brand new episode of Oilersnation Radio to help make sense of all things Edmonton Oilers. On today’s podcast, we’re talking about last night’s loss to St. Louis, Darnell Nurse’s struggles, the OT winner against St. Louis being disallowed, and a whole lot more.
Kicking off today’s podcast, we got started with a look at last night’s disallowed OT goal by Leon Draisaitl after the war room in Toronto called the goal off because of an alleged offside. Outside of Liam that was open to the offside, none of us thought that the goal should have been disallowed but the bigger issue was the inconsistency that comes out of the NHL when these situations arise. From there, we jumped into the Darnell Nurse debate after the guy had a rough night against the Blues with a pair of mistakes winding up in the back of the net. As you’ll hear, the Nurse conversation led into a spicy conversation as all of us were split on how we would handle those kinds of nights. Changing gears, we looked at Leon Draisaitl’s dominant performance over the Nashville Predators and how it’s wild to see the guy own a team the way he has over the past 30 games or so. Lastly, we wrapped up the podcast with another round of Ask the Idiots and Hot and Cold performers to make sense of the last few days.
Listen to the Friday episode of ONR below:
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