Questions for Quinn: Guests for the game

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Quinn Phillips
1 year ago
Which interesting Edmontonian would you want to attend an Oilers game with and why?
Did I just Google ‘interesting Edmontonians?’
Did I find any results? No, it went straight to weird and unique facts about Edmonton, ‘big facts’ about Edmonton, ‘what is Edmonton famous for?’ So it would appear that Google is having just as hard a time as me starting with just picking someone.
So, I moved on to Googling ‘famous Edmontonians.’ The list is quite lengthy on Wikipedia and there are some interesting names on there and I’m learning a little bit of history. I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t know much of the history of Nellie McClung. There are names I was reminded about, like Barb Tarbox the anti-smoking activist. Robert Goulet, who starred in Camelot alongside Julie Andrews grew up and got his acting start in Edmonton. Whoa!
Am I alone in not following or knowing a whole ton about the history of Edmonton? I’ve never taken much interest in history, but then when I read some things I’m fascinated and wonder why I don’t pursue learning more?!?! Does anyone out there have fun interesting facts about the history of Edmonton you want to share?
Ok, I’m procrastinating.
If they’re just pseudo-Edmontonians can I pick them?
Would it not be fascinating to sit at a game, with a few beers (aka truth serum) with the Kelly and Brian McDavid? Elite, generational athletes, are incredibly interesting to me. What is it about their childhood that developed such a focused personality? I always thought that way about Michael Phelps and other top swimmers like that because I was a swimmer, and while I worked really hard, I didn’t have the mental game that those really elite athletes have. When Connor first joined the team, I actually did a story with a sports psychologist at the University of Alberta to find out what it is about those athletes. He said guys like Sidney Crosby and Connor have a surreal ability to see small improvements and they have unwavering confidence. The small improvements piece was always fascinating to me because, for the most part, we’re all looking for those big steps and those marked improvements? Imagine being able to see the finer details and know that you’re one per cent better than yesterday?!?!
I’d love to be sitting next to the McDavids when Connor is on the ice to find out exactly how they react to the things he does. I’d love to know their exact thoughts on his career to date. How much does he rely on them when times are tough? What is it like being the parents of such a famous hockey player? I don’t want the on-camera answers though, I want the unfiltered truth. What was he like as a kid? When did you really realize his potential? What are the hard parts of being the parents of Connor McDavid? What were his real thoughts on the day of the draft lottery when he found out he’d be coming here?
Are there interesting Edmontonians you’d like to have dinner and a game with?
Also, I’m out of questions folks… so I need your support to keep this going. Send me those questions. They can be funny, quirky, not hockey related… whatever!

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