Questions for Quinn: No one asked… but thoughts on ’06 *sob*

Quinn Phillips
2 years ago
As I sit here and watch the Oilers take on the Carolina Hurricanes my brain just continues to go back to 2006. How would it not? So here are some of my random thoughts from the last time we had so much fun with summer hockey:
  • Rod Brind’Amour had the biggest legs I’ve ever seen. I remember I was with my dad behind the scenes and he walked out in shorts and it was like he was a body builder. I can’t imagine what it was like for him to find pants, because they’d all be so tight and I’m not sure that was the style in 2006.
  • I was working in Red Deer as a sports reporter. We liked to have a lot of fun there, so my sports director said let’s do a funny story doing predictions. We had asked a number of people then at the end I did an on-camera with a TON of oilers gear on including a foam finger and did a super sarcastic on-camera bit about how I’m completely impartial. It was hilarious, and as the eight seed of course it was totally far fetched… maybe I needed to do something similar in 2017 you guys?!?!
  • Being the spoiled brat that I am, I haven’t gotten over the fact that the Oilers had flown a charter to Raleigh for family for game seven. I found out after there was room on that plane. Guys, maybe if I was there things would’ve been different?!?! Maybe you should all be mad…
  • I sobbed when they lost. Of course I was sad the Oilers didn’t win, but I knew that my dad’s career was winding down and I knew that was probably his last chance at calling a Stanley Cup win.
  • My dad told me that Steve Staois told him that he wished they had just lost in the first round, because it would’ve just been easier. That’s how much pain the players were after the game. UGH.
What are some of your top memories from that year? What are some things you want to know that are rattling around in my brain? Fire me those questions.

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