Real Life Podcast: A tribute to Robin Brownlee

Real Life Podcast
5 months ago
It’s a very tough day for all of us at Oilersnation as news broke earlier this afternoon that our own Robin Brownlee passed away at 65 years old.
The guys got hit with some devastating news right before the podcast started when they learned about Robin Brownlee’s unexpected passing. As a major piece and founding member of Oilersnation, losing Brownlee so suddenly was a jolt to the system that none of the guys could have ever expected. As a result, today’s episode of the Real Life podcast paid tribute to a man who helped build The Nation Network into what it is today. From being the first “real” writer to join Oilersnation and add some credibility to the site to offering reasoned analysis no matter the situation, Robin Brownlee has been a pillar for this website for the last 15 years, and the guys wanted to tell a few behind the scenes stories to honour a great writer, a better person, and a fantastic dad. As you’ll hear on today’s podcast, Brownlee meant the world to the boys and there would never be enough time to really recap what he meant around here.
Listen to the Thursday episode of Real Life below:
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