Real Life Podcast Episode 342 – What Our Dreams Mean and the Damn Oilers

Real Life Podcast
2 years ago
A new episode of The Real Life Podcast is here! Today on the show, the gang kicked things off by getting into a really deep discussion about the dreams they’ve been having recently, how often they remember their dreams, and what they could mean. It was definitely a weird way to start the pod.
After that, Chalmers shared a new TV series that he’s been hooked too and then finally, the group dug into the struggling Edmonton Oilers. Jay and Yaremchuk are FED UP with the way the team has been playing. They show little heart, their effort is inconsistent, and the results don’t look like they’re going to get better. Jay wants changes NOW! They also gave out their Trades Link hardest worker of the week award.
To wrap things up, they looked back at 2021 and shared some of the favourite podcast memories that listeners shared over the last few days. They also looked ahead to a great memory that they’re looking forward to making in early 2022 with Tourism Jasper!
All of that and more in episode 342 of The Real Life Podcast! ENJOY!
Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life below:
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