Real Life Podcast: High school reunions, fight analysis, and more hockey clips for the boys

Real Life Podcast
10 months ago
The off-season still has plenty of runway left to go and the boys were looking for things to talk about, which meant another random episode of the Real Life podcast to help you wrap up your week.
To kick off the Monday episode of Real Life, the guys got started with another round of complaints from Chalmers after he had to miss the Thursday episode of the podcast because of a mid-week baseball tournament for his kids. Sticking with tournaments, the guys talked about some golf and NBA playoffs, how they did with their bets, and why no one on the show watched even a minute of the Stanley Cup Finals. From there, Baggedmilk told a few stories from his 20-year high school reunion that happened on Saturday and how it was a blast to reconnect with some old friends even though all he and his buddies really wanted to do was make some poor life choices. From there, Chalmers told a few stories from the Like Combs concert from the weekend and specifically how he couldn’t get a drink if he didn’t have any cash. Lastly, we wrapped up the Monday episode of Real Life with another edition of Chalmers and Tyler know hockey after a bunch of you sent in more clips for the boys to find after our dry run last week ended way too early.
Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life below:
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