Real Life Podcast: Is there anything better than Game 7?

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Real Life Podcast
1 month ago
It may be a holiday Monday, but that didn’t stop the boys from heading into the studio for a Game 7 edition of the Real Life Podcast to get prepped for Edmonton’s biggest game of the season.
The guys started the Monday episode of Real Life with an array of topics related to the Oilers but didn’t really relate to the task at hand. From Crawford’s acting as the ultimate insider to the way we felt before and after Game 6, the boys tap-danced around tonight’s game a little bit before finally getting to the task at hand for 30 seconds at most.
The Oilers talk was quickly interrupted, however, by a quick chat about Scottie Scheffler getting arrested before the PGA Championship and how the story was so bizarre, given what everyone knows about him. The guys then talked about Jay catching a donair at Game 6 and how he was so excited to get one despite it not being the greatest thing he’s ever eaten.
Looking ahead to Game 7, the guys walked through their keys to victory and what the Oilers need to do to advance to the next round. From the steady goaltending to the power play to Edmonton’s stars showing up, there is a path for the Oilers to win the game, but it certainly won’t be easy. There’s no doubt that the Canucks are going to bring their best, and it will be up to the Oilers to match that urgency.
Finally, the guys wrapped up the Monday episode of Real Life with another look at the MLB’s gambling issues after another translator has been tagged with a gambling controversy. That led the guys to spend a few minutes talking about the Toronto Blue Jays, and how that team is incredibly frustrating to watch given their inability to score many runs.
Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life below:
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