Real Life Podcast: Oilers playoff matchups, NHL tv rights, and Liam’s popcorn confession

Real Life Podcast
18 days ago
Is there anything better than a fresh episode of the Real Life podcast to help you close out your week? Of course not. This Thursday, the squad discussed last night’s franchise ender
Kicking off the Thursday episode of Real Life, the guys got started with a discussion about last night’s game against the Arizona Coyotes, considering that it was the last game in franchise history. From the way the move to Utah was ignored on the broadcast to the fact that the Coyotes sold everything to fans on their way out, it was a strange night in the desert and a sad one for so many hockey fans.
Changing gears, Liam blew everyone’s mind when he confessed that he often goes to the Sherwood Park movie theatre just to order popcorn. While some folks may think it’s silly to buy the most expensive popcorn on earth when you can just make it at home by yourself, Liam defended his actions because of the quality. Did any of his logic make sense? No. It didn’t.
Finally, the guys wrapped up the Thursday episode of the podcast with an array of random topics, including what’s next for the NHL’s TV deal, the latest news in the world of hip hop, and whether Liam should consider starting a new Instagram account for all of his worldly reviews.
Listen to the Thursday episode of Real Life below:
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