Real Life Podcast: Talking hockey, life, and Defy with Evander Kane

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Real Life Podcast
1 year ago
It was a very special day for the boys on the Real Life Podcast as Edmonton Oilers forward, Evander Kane, joined the show to talk about his recovery, his new clothing line, and how his first year has gone with the franchise.
To get the interview started, we got right to it with a look at how he’s feeling in his recovery after a very scary injury suffered against the Tampa Bay Lightning earlier in the year. Thankfully, in his own words, Kane’s recovery is coming along nicely and Oilers fans should be expecting him back in the lineup in the reasonably near future. From there, we looked at the work Kane is doing in the community and how it’s an important part of being an NHLer for him given his position. We also looked at Kane’s new clothing line, Defy, and what led him to kick off his start in fashion and how involved he is in the entire process from concept to completion. Changing gears, the boys also asked Evander about his time with the Oilers, and specifically what led him to sign with the team and eventually extend when we no one really thought it was possible. Lastly, we wrapped up the interview with a handful of rapid-fire questions about everything from music, to style, to pre-game meals, and anything else we could think of in the moment.
Listen to the Evander Kane interview below:
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