Real Life Podcast: The Edmonton Oilers may never lose again, and Tyler’s salary cap game

Real Life Podcast
4 months ago
It’s amazing how much more fun it is to talk about the Edmonton Oilers in the midst of a 14-game heater than it was when they started the season at 2-9-1.
Kicking off the Thursday episode of Real Life, the guys looked at the Oilers’ incredible winning streak and how they have an opportunity to cash in on a 15th consecutive victory. Talking about the win streak led the guys to swoon about Sam Gagner’s contributions to the team and how they cannot wait to see him play his first playoff game with the team that drafted him. Changing gears, Tyler told a story about his basement flooding this morning. If you remember, this is the second flooded basement he’s been involved in, but now it’s in his own house instead of his father-in-law’s house.
Turning the podcast back toward the Oilers, the guys tried to determine whether the Oilers would have been able to get close to their current level if Jay Woodcroft had not been around. Or has Kris Knoblauch changed things enough to have the Oilers buzzing the way they are? Combination of both? Regardless of where your opinion lies, the good news is that we’re here and that Woody is still getting paid anyway. With no topics on the list, Tyler then walked through a bunch of historical cap information, and the guys played a game of guessing which players made more money.
Listen to the Thursday episode of Real Life below:
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