Real Life Podcast: The Nation Christmas Party, Haunted Houses, and huge money in the MLB

Real Life Podcast
11 months ago
Another Thursday has landed on the calendar, which means the boys from the Real Life Podcast are back with a whole lot to talk about to wrap up the week. On today’s show, the guys looked at the Nation Christmas party, the Oilers’ win in Dallas, and more.
Kicking off today’s podcast, the guys started with a conversation about the Rogers Wrapped in Red Event commercial that is annoying so many people on Twitter. That led the guys to talk about some of the worst TV commercials that they can remember, and how it’s shocking to see how some corporations can miss so wildly. From there, the guys spent a few minutes recapping the Nation Christmas party that happened last night at SOHO, and how it was great to get everyone together. Getting back to the Oilers, the guys talked about last night’s win against Dallas and how it was one of the best games the team has played in a while. Getting back to the Christmas party, the guys talked about the after-party that happened and how none of the folks in attendance are feeling too fresh this morning. From there, the podcast took a hard left and fell off the rails as the guys discussed everything from poor customer service to random haunted houses around the city. As you’ll hear, the last chunk of the podcast is all over the map as the guys jumped all over the map in terms of what they were talking about.
Listen to the Thursday episode of Real Life below:
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