Real Life Podcast: The Oilers’ playoff drive, betting on the Jays, and navigating April Fool’s Day

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Real Life Podcast
3 months ago
Monday means a fresh episode of the Real Life podcast is set and ready to launch you into the start of a new week. This week, the guys were discussing the Oilers’ stretch drive, enjoying spring in Edmonton, and how this part of the year is one of the greatest times for sports.
Kicking off the Monday episode of Real Life, the boys discussed the end of the Edmonton Oilers’ 2023-24 campaign and how it’s getting to the point where every game is exciting. Not only are the games exciting, but the boys are also playing some meaningful games down the stretch that still has them chasing the Vancouver Canucks for first place in the Pacific Division.
Changing gears, the guys spent the next few minutes talking about betting on baseball after the new MLB season kicked off last week. One thing you’ll learn as you get into betting on baseball is how far into the weeds you can get. As you’ll hear, Tyler and his buddies go way out there when they’re betting on baseball, and some of the bets they put down almost sound made up, given how random they are.
Getting back to the Oilers, Tyler wanted to know who the fellas would name as the Oilers’ MVP if we took Connor McDavid out of the equation. Even though McDavid has been undoubtedly fantastic, Tyler’s point was that the team wouldn’t be anywhere without Stuart Skinner. Had it not been for Skinner’s incredible turnaround, the reality is that this season could have fallen off the rails.
Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life below:
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