Real Life Podcast: The Stanley Cup Final starts in two short days

Edmonton Oilers
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Real Life Podcast
1 month ago
The Oilers are only days away from kicking off the Stanley Cup Final, which meant there was plenty to talk about on the Thursday episode of the Real Life podcast.
The guys kicked off the Thursday podcast with a discussion about the history of Oilersnation and how having the team in the finals is the biggest moment in our company’s existence. After so many years of watching horrible hockey, the way this feels for all of us is so indescribably exciting that it’s almost difficult to describe.
Changing gears, the guys walked through some of their pre-game superstitions. Whether it’s Chalmers wearing the same t-shirts underneath his Mark Messier jersey on game day or Jay wearing his Evan Bouchard bracelet, it’s always so funny to see what people are doing to try and help this team move things along.
Finally, the guys wrapped up the podcast by sharing some of their expectations for the weekend and how they plan on enjoying the moment as best they can, even at a time when the anxiety and nerves will be high. The Stanley Cup Final is one of the hardest series in sports to make—let alone win—and that had the fellas feeling grateful just to be able to experience the ride.
Listen to the Thursday episode of Real Life below:
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