Real Life Podcast: Tyler and Jay are back from vacay, Nation citizens everywhere, and sports docs

Real Life Podcast
8 months ago
For the first time in a handful of weeks, the whole gang is back together and that meant there was plenty of room for shenanigans on the Monday episode of the Real Life Podcast.
Kicking off the Monday podcast, the boys got started with Tyler coming back from vacation and a conversation about how the studio only seems to work when he’s in the building. From there, Tyler walked the guys through his road trip to Seattle and all of the golf he played in between. Jay was also back from his vacation to Toffino and what we learned about both trips is that the guys attract both Nation Citizens and bears no matter where they are. Somehow talking about Tyler’s vacation led to Jay revealing that bananas are supposedly bad luck on fishing boats. Changing gears entirely, Chalmers finally wrapped up the Quarterback docuseries that’s up on Netflix, leading the group to gush about how good sports documentaries are getting these days. Discussing sports docs led the guys to talk about how hockey needs to do a better job of documenting its players and major storylines. Lastly, the guys wrapped up the Monday episode of the Real Life podcast with a chat about baseball after the Jays went out and landed a new pitcher for their stretch run.
Listen to the Monday episode of Real Life below:
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