Risky Business: Leon’s House

1 year ago
Risky Business is brought to you by NHL Lines site Betway!
Can I be honest with everyone for a minute? I was so confident that the Oilers were going to beat the Ducks on Saturday that I bet with my heart and expected the payout to follow. As we well know, that didn’t happen. Not even close, in fact. Instead, what we got was a disjointed effort against an awful team and an Oilers squad that gave goals up like they running some kind of Christmas raffle. Needless to say, losing to one of the worst teams in the NHL is a tough pill to swallow at the best of times, but also losing a decent chunk of money on top of that is a little extra salt in the wound. What does that mean for tonight? I don’t know how to approach this thing. As much as I want to bet that Leon Draisaitl will continue to own this franchise, I’m feeling a little bit gun shy and that has me betting a little more conservatively than I otherwise would.
If you’re following along at home, the odds I’ll be using for my game day betting articles all season come from Betway. Here’s what I’m putting down against the Predators:

Player Prop:

Leon Draisaitl over 3.5 shots at +120. My $5 bet would return $11.00.

Easy Money:

Over 1.5 total power play goals at -120. My $5 bet would return $9.00.

Risky Business:

Leon Draisaitl to get 1+ goals and 1+ assists at +200. My $5 bet would return $15.00.

Can’t Miss Parlay:

Edmonton over Nashville on the moneyline, Boston over Florida on the moneyline, and Dallas over Columbus on the moneyline at 3.98. My $5 bet would return $19.93.


Last Game

What a disaster Saturday’s game was. Not only did the Oilers lose the game but betting with my heart blew up in my face in a spectacular fashion.
  • Leon Draisaitl to score 1+ goal and 1+ assist at +140.
  • Edmonton to win on the money and over 5.5 goals at -113.
  • Leon Draisaitl and Zach Hyman both to score at +300.
  • Edmonton over Anaheim on the puck line, Tampa Bay over Montreal on the moneyline, and Boston over Columbus on the moneyline at 3.03.
And there you have it, friends. Now that you know what I’m betting on — I’ll be throwing one unit down on each bet, for the record — feel free to hit me up in the comments section to let me know what you’re looking at against the Predators.

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