Sunday Scaries: Nickelback interviews and I’m convinced Leon and Connor might as well be married

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Kylie Salai
8 months ago
Boots and Hearts is feeding us Connor Content on a spoon this weekend and honestly, I’m here for it.
TSN did an interview with Chad Kroeger of Nickelback and Connor McDavid, and I feel like we all know where I stand on both of those people. Massive fan of the both of them. GOATS in their respective industries in my (not so) professional opinion.
At their concert back in June, Chad Kroeger had a little Oilers Spiel before playing Burn it to the Ground where he said “You’ll notice we haven’t said this in any other city…Who’s winning the *effing* Stanley Cup next year?! Edmonton! Edmonton!” and they brought the playoff atmosphere back into Rogers Place like it never even left. He followed it up with “Connor and I will do all kinds of terrible things to that cup when that boy hoists it up”. Doesn’t the thought of that just give you goosebumps?
My favourite quotes from the interview are the following:
  1. Chad Kroeger said that Connor McDavid’s talent is “terrifying” and it’s true because imagine having to play hockey against him, that would be quite frankly yeah, terrifying.
  2. Leon was invited into the interview, and James Duthie kind of invited him to stand near him and Leon said “I’m gonna go to my guy” and walked straight to Connor.
  3. The first thing he said in the interview was also that Chad Kroeger was chirping him on his (World Class) one-timers. Chad later admitted that those are his favourite Oilers goals.
The guys then exchanged their favourites of each other, with each other.
Connor said his favourite Nickelback song is ‘If today was your last day’ because he used to listen to it with his dad all the time. Leon picked probably the most basic song, but just because it’s basic doesn’t mean it’s wrong because he picked photograph.
Chad said his favourite Connor McDavid goal was the goal where he went through the entirety of the New York Rangers to score. I would have to agree because I was there for that goal and before he scored I could feel the energy shift in the building like you could feel it coming.  After that game, it also came out that when the Oilers were down Leon skated by the Rangers bench and told them we were coming back, and then we did just that. Leon is proof that betting on yourself pays off.
On the topic of Connor and Leon, they are bestie soulmates. not only are they THE Dynamic Duo, but they might be one of the most iconic, but also lethal duos ever. There are no two people better at literally anything than these two are at hockey and being best friends.
They also spend lots of time with Sam Gagner, who you guessed it, is at Boots and Hearts with Connor and Leon all while PTO Rumours between him and the Oilers are flying. Though I will be cautiously optimistic because Sam Gagner is the player that everyone loves to have because he is cheap and effective, but these rumours between him and the Oilers also seem to come every summer.
One final thought touching on what Chad Kroeger said at the Nickelback concert in Edmonton, it feels like this team is different, and we have said that the past few years, yes, but we have been right. Every year our team has gotten better, even if we didn’t go as far in the playoffs last year, our team has gotten stronger and better together. I feel like we have this year to really truly prove ourselves, and I think that we could do it.
For my next Sunday Scaries, I would like some input from you guys…
and not the input where you tell me I’m running out of content in the offseason, thanks for noticing, that does tend to happen when there is no hockey on and I’m supposed to be writing about hockey.
I want to know:

What were your top 5 best and worst moments last season?

They can be single moments, whole games, or moments that didn’t even happen on the ice.
Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!

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