The Real Life Podcast: The Return of Chalmers

Real Life Podcast
1 year ago
We’re another Thursday closer to the start of the regular season and that means the boys from the Real Life Podcast are back with a brand new episode to help you get through what’s left of your week. On today’s show, the guys looked at the Nazem Kadri signing in Calgary, previewed the Oilersnation Open, and a whole more.
Kicking off today’s podcast, the guys got started with Chalmers’ triumphant return after making and missing so many promises over the last couple of weeks about being on the show. Whether it’s the lack of workers or projects running long, Chalmers had all kinds of reasons for missing the podcast and promises to be better but only time will tell if he’s actually back or not. From there, the podcast fell off the rails a little bit as the guys tried to get Chalmers caught up on everything he’s missed over the last few weeks. Next up, the boys dove into the #NationVacation to Vegas that’s coming up in January, which led the guys to tell some of their favourite Vegas stories from past visits. Lastly, the guys wrapped the podcast with a look at the Real Life fantasy football league that’s set to launch and some of the difficult commissioner decisions that could be coming.
Listen to the Thursday episode of Real Life below:
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