This day in history: Cogliano traded

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Chris the intern
5 years ago
Remember Andrew Cogliano? The man who once played 830 straight games in the NHL? The man who has 368 points in 866 games in the league thus far? He used to be ours! And on July 12, 2011, Cogliano got traded to the Anaheim Ducks for a 2013 second round pick. Let’s re-live this together, shall we?
In his later years with the Oilers, Cogliano became trade bait for Steve Tambellini. After a couple years of not getting moved, Tambo finally found a deal for him in Anaheim. The trade wasn’t great in my opinion, but Cogliano’s time as an Oiler was running out, and the Oilers had to get down and dirty in order to get out of their slump. (little did they know it wouldn’t help).
This is quite the throwback isn’t it? Take a look at this excerpt from Jason Gregor’s article when the trade went through.
The Oilers likely won’t win this trade, but as the try to claw out from the NHL basement we should see more trades like this. It is difficult to get any return on a player who has yet to prove he fits a specific role, and while many of you will cheer this move today, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Cogliano become a useful 3rd liner in Anaheim.
The return for Cogliano was a second round pick in 2013. Who did the Oilers draft that year? Marc-Olivier Roy of course! (The deeper I get into this the more depressing it gets, bear with me). Everyone was pretty pumped when we called Roy’s name in 2013. Here’s an excerpt about Roy from Lowetide’s article the day after the draft.
The Edmonton Oilers added to their future offensive arsenal yesterday when drafting Marc-Olivier Roy. His scouting report (and the highlight package) suggest a terrific prospect and a player worth watching over the next couple of years.
Roy earned 26 points in 52 games in the next two years with the Oilers organization. He spent a year in the ECHL and a year in AHL where he fell into some injury troubles and found his point production to become stagnant. Roy was left unsigned when Peter Chiarelli got hired and now plays for the Vancouver Canucks AHL squad.
After the Decade of Darkness, it’s pretty interesting to look back on all the moves that were attempted to get ourselves out of the slump. Some great players were sacrificed. At the end of the day without all of this happening, we wouldn’t have Connor McDavid, so would I do it again? Absolutely.

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