We’re going to Las Vegas for another #NationVacation and you’re all invited to join us!

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1 year ago
Does the idea of going to Vegas, getting a break from the eventual snow, and watching some hockey with your favourite Internet friends sound like the greatest opportunity of all time? Of course it does. That’s why I’m excited to be writing this very article to announce our third #NationVacation to Las Vegas.
If there’s one thing that we’ve learned over the years, it’s how dedicated Nation citizens are to watching the team we love and how well we travel to make it happen. With a new season only a few short weeks away and our Kool-Aid levels at historical highs, we knew we wanted to head back to Vegas for another round of hockey-inspired shenanigans and to give everyone an excuse for a quick mid-winter vacay. If you remember, the last time we did one of these trips to Vegas came only days before the world shut down and we haven’t been back since, so this third time around is going to feel extra special and I could not be more excited. Only 128 sleeps until we leave but who’s counting?
If you’ve never been on one of our #NationVacations down south for a hockey game before, it really is an experience that’s hard to describe unless you’ve been there with us. There’s just something incredibly special about getting on a plane with your fellow Nation citizens, having adventures in a new city, and punctuating the trip with what we all hope will be a big Edmonton win. It’s the kind of weekend that we all talk about for months after we get home — we’ve been talking about going back since the last trip because of how great you made it — and I cannot recommend a Nation Vacation enough for any hockey fan that’s looking to watch a game with a crew of wonderful people while also coupling it with some adventure in between. The point here is that I promise you will have a great time. If you can make it on this trip then you should move heaven and earth to get on this plane. Got it? Good.
Basically, what I’m telling you is that this will be a mid-January vacay that you will not forget and one that you’ll absolutely want to be a part of if you can swing it.

Interested? Of course you are. Here are the details…

Now that I’ve convinced you to be on this trip of trips with us, you’ll need some info about what’s going down, where to get your tickets, and what the dates are for travel. Thankfully, your ol’ pal Baggedmilk has those very details here for you.
  • When: On Thursday, January 12th, we’re jumping on a flight at the Edmonton International Airport and making our way to Vegas. On Sunday evening, we’ll fly back from Vegas to Edmonton. So the dates that you need to block off for this trip are January 12th to 15th.
  • Where we’re staying: After landing in LV, we’ll jump on the free shuttle and make our way to the Park MGM before settling in for a good night’s sleep. 😉
  • What you get: Your roundtrip flight, hotel, shuttle, viewing party (Friday night), game entry — we got seats this time (Saturday night), and exclusive entry into our pre-trip ‘get to know everyone’ event.
  • How Much: The total cost for the trip, flight, hotel, and entry to the game is $1499 per person (based on double occupancy) 
  • Tickets: Ready to dive in? Click this link.
Much like every time we’ve done this, the trip is going to sell out quickly so you’ll want to get your spot locked in as soon as possible.
As a final note, everyone that attends the trip will be required to sign a waiver absolving Oilersnation of any liability for your actions while on the trip. If anyone would like to see the waiver ahead of time, feel free to reach out and we will send you a copy.

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