For the third time this season, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins has been put on the injury reserve. This time it’s not because of the flu or a broken hand, but with a concussion. And before all of you start calling Nuge soft, and weak, he suffered this concussion after going hard for the puck in the least soft way possible. 
As you can see, Nugey got hit by Connor Murphy behind the net. Even after taking the hit Nuge managed to hold onto the puck, pass it off to a teammate, and head to the bench before anyone knew what had happened. The hit looked innocent in real-time, but once they slowed it down the replay showed a different story. In actuality, Nugey took a shoulder right to the head. No penalty was called on the play. 
The good news about the injury is that he is only slightly concussed, and is already skating with the team again. There is no timeline for his return but he does hope/plan to return before the season ends. I will note that there are only three games remaining in the season, but the games are stretched out over two weeks. It should be plenty of time for him to return. 
We all know this season has been horrible for Oiler injuries. We are third in the league for most man game’s lost behind New Jersey and Toronto. I’d hate to bring up the Leafs in this article but they are leading the league in having most injuries, and I’m a little jealous of them. If we have anything going for us this season, it’s our injuries. And we’re not even first place in that! Stupid Toronto. 

The Other Guys

Besides RNH, there were no new injury’s from this past week, so here is an update on the guys we already know about. With only three games remaining in the season, I think it’s safe to say none of these players are returning this season. 
  • The only Benoit Pouliot news we’ve heard recently is that he MIGHT have been involved in some trade talk earlier in the year with Nail Yakupov from Jason Gregor. Other than that, his shoulder is still injured, with no sign of returning this year. 
  • Remember when Eric Gryba got injured a month and a half ago? The guy’s knee is still bugged. He was skating with the team the other day however, chance of his return is slim, but possible.
  • The injury talk has sure slowed since we were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Including Brandon Davidson and his lower body injury. He will not be returning this year.
  • Andrew Ference has not played with the team in a very long time, and will not in the future either. If you are just finding this out now, you should probably go back and read all my articles. 
  • There were some close moments this season of an Oscar Klefbom return. His staph infection continues to be an issue, and he will not return this year. 
  • Adam Pardy skated with the team the other day after suffering a hand injury from a blocked shot. If there was anybody who COULD return this year from injury still, besides RNH, it would be Adam Pardy. 
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North x NorthGretz Podcast

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