We’re closing in on day one of the 2019 NHL Draft, and Dusty Nielson is back with another episode of Inside the Nation to get you all set up for the weekend’s festivities. In today’s episode, Dusty looks at potential fits for the backup goaltending spot, how the Oilers can clear cap space, Cole Caufield, and a whole lot more.
To start off today’s episode, Dusty jumped right into things with a look at Petr Mrazek and whether or not he might end up battling for ice time with Mikko Koskinen. Would Mrazek be a better option than Brian Elliott? Speaking of Koskinen, word on the street is that his deal is annoying other GMs around the league because it’s drastically inflating the price of goaltending this offseason. Back to the draft, Dusty looks at the possibility of Cole Caufield coming to town and questions whether the Oilers would pick him with Kailer Yamamoto already in the system. Despite all being quiet on the rumour front, some rumblings came out that Jesse Puljujarvi could be had for a second round pick and while you may not agree with that value, Nielson looks at the options on who might be willing to pay that price for the beleaguered winger.
Check out the video below:


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