We hope all of you had an excellent Thanksgiving long weekend with your friends and family, but now it’s time to get back to business with a brand new episode of the Real Life Podcast.
With the @Edmonton Oilers having their best start since 1985-86, the guys were beaming even in spite of last night’s loss to the @Chicago Blackhawks. Seeing as no one saw this start coming, having the team shoot out of the gates like a rocket to the moon has been a welcomed surprise for Nation citizens and the boys were all too happy to talk about it. Speaking of hot starts, the boys took a look at @James Neal’s ridiculous heater and whether or not the comparisons to @Milan Lucic will ever end. Individual stats aside, the conversation pivoted to whether the Oilers are actually playing strong hockey or if they’re lucking their way into victories that they might not have deserved. Unwilling to let the birthday boy’s negativity ruin their buzz, Jay invited our 12 listeners to join in on Nation’s new win tradition where we post gifs in the opponent’s Twitter account to remind them of the Oilers’ supremacy. Not only is it fun to post random gifs at other teams, but it’s equally as fun to have opposing fans getting really pissed off about it. Lastly, to wrap up this week’s show, the guys take bets on how many points the Oilers will get from the three upcoming games they play this week.
Listen to this week’s episode below:
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