The Christmas break is over, New Years is in the books, and the boys are back for a fresh episode of the Real Life Podcast to talk all things life and @Edmonton Oilers.
After a couple of weeks on the shelf, the boys are back in the studio with a brand new episode of the Real Life Podcast. Obviously, a lot has happened since the last podcast was recorded so there was plenty to catch up on as everybody recapped the Christmas break and looked ahead at what’s coming in 2020. To start things off, Chalmers stepped in with an update on where he’s been and why he’s been so rudely neglecting the podcast over the past month or so, leaving construction fans wondering where their source of free advice has gone. Back to the Edmonton Oilers, the boys started with a look at the NYE game against the Rangers and whether or not that win could be a turning point for the team moving forward. Stepping away from the Oilers for a minute, the boys discussed the idea of having phone vacations where you shut things down for a few days to press the emotional reset button. Back to the boys on the ice, how could the guys not discuss the ridiculous goal that Connor McDavid scored against the Toronto Maple Leafs and how the captain’s celebration was almost like adding insult to injury. As always, it was another packed podcast full of randomness that you won’t find anywhere else.
Listen to this week’s podcast below:
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