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Today’s post is all about protectin’ ya neck, being with the times and Vegas still has some work to do.

Concussion spotters

The “issue” of concussion spotters arose again in the NHL this week when Connor McDavid hit his face off the ice and was promptly taken to the locker room for further evaluation. While many feel this is an issue, it is the farthest thing from it.
With the NHL facing major lawsuits from former players and accusations that players who suffered head injuries were not properly taken care of, it’s no surprise that the league has implemented these spotters. 
Many have seen the comments Patrick Maroon made about hockey and concussion spotters. The truth is that hockey is not a “man’s game.” Hockey is all inclusive no matter what gender you are. None the less, the old boys mentality of the sport being a “man’s game” needs to change. 
Hockey players are tough, I get that. The truth is that you only have one brain. With the recent studies done to show the impact head injuries have, it is time for players to take them seriously.

The best dab ever

I have no words for this dab implemented by UFA’s Evgeny Korotkov. Really, I have nothing to say.

Vegas trademark woes

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ruled that the Vegas Golden Knights nickname is too similar to the College of Saint Rose Golden Knights. 
While Bill Daly said this is a “routine matter,” I find it weird. Really. I mean, could Vegas not have done their research on this? Daly also said that the league will be trying to fight to keep Vegas’ name as is and the NHL is not planning to reconsider the team’s name.
The Golden Knights make a good point. Lots of teams share names and why couldn’t these two coincide? I’m no lawyer or patent expert so I don’t know any of the logistics behind this. 
Could we see Vegas have their hand forced to change their name? Only time will tell. 
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