What’s up Nation Citizens?! Another week of Oilers hockey is officially in the books and our boys are sitting at 6-1-0 on the season. 
Now, I know that the boys faced their first loss of the season against the Philadelphia Flyers (I don’t think anyone actually thought they’d go 82-0) but there are still many positives from this past week.
Let’s take a look at my Top 5 Power Rankings from Week 3:

#5 Did we just become best friends?

It appears that Zach Hyman was mic’d up during the Oilers game against the Flyers and as a result, Edmonton fans got the most wholesome content imaginable. We know Hyman is off to a hot start this season with 6 goals and 7 points in 7 games but we now also know that he’s Jesse Puljujarvi’s number one fan… and I’m SO here for this story line.
I think from this moment forward, we can only say Jesse’s name the way that Hyman so eloquently said it in this video. Also, may we please request a mic’d up Zach Hyman during every game please? Thank you.

#4 Pool Party

Let’s talk about my favourite redemption story for the Edmonton Oilers! The Bison King has came to play this season and I’m loving every minute of it. Not only is Jesse Puljujarvi probably the most entertaining Oiler to watch and cover but he’s also putting in the work this season.
He is proving to be a great two-way player in the league that is constantly creating chances for the Oilers. He’s a tireless forechecker that knocks a lot of pucks loose and makes plays out of nothing. To be able to skate the way he does at 6’4 as well as have the offensive tools that he has, makes him a unique player that brings a lot to this team.
I think Oilers fans have to be happy with management and how patient they were with him as we’re now finally seeing what made him a top round draft pick.
Forever live The Bison King!

#3 Keep Nuge Forever

Any guess as to who leads the league in assists at the end of Week 3? Of course, it’s none other than Baggedmilk’s favourite, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.
In seven games, Nugent-Hopkins has 10 apples and 10 points perfectly depicting how valuable his game is on this Oilers team. According to NHL Stats, he became the third player in franchise history to record 10+ assists in seven or fewer games. Although he has yet to find the back of the net, this guy is thriving and I have no doubt that we’ll see a big goal from him soon. 
I’d go on about all the reasons why the Oilers are lucky to have a player like Nuge but Zack Kassian said it best in an interview with the media
We see Nuge buzzing in his versatile and important role for the Oilers on the ice but he and his wife also do so much work for the community off the ice. Here’s just one example of what Kassian was alluding to in his interview.

#2 Power Play Magic… Continues.

The Edmonton Oilers have the most lethal weapon in the NHL and that is without a doubt, their power play. At the end of Week 2, the Oilers’ power play was firing at 47.1%, and at the end of Week 3, they’re now operating at 47.8% which is absolute madness.
The Oilers were 2/2 on the power play in their most recent game against the Vancouver Canucks and Oil Country took their emotions on Twitter:

#1 Connor “CHEAT CODE” McDavid

Yes, the Oilers most lethal weapon is the power play but their greatest cheat code is Connor McDavid. Let’s take a look at what McDavid’s stats look like at the end of Week 3:
In seven games, McDavid has seven goals and nine assists for 16 points. He leads the league in points at the end of Week 3.
Need I say more? Actually, I’ll let Ryan Whitney take the floor on this one:

Honourable Mention:

Mikko Koskinen didn’t have the best night against the Philadelphia Flyers but he did bounce back in his next game against the Vancouver Canucks and came up big for the Edmonton Oilers. 
It also makes sense that he bounced back … he’s the zodiac’s best sign! 
Alright, that’s a wrap for Week 3! As always, talk to me in the comments!