It’s Friday afternoon and that means a brand new episode of Oilersnation Radio has been wrapped up, edited into a masterpiece, and ready to stimulate your ear feelings as you head into the weekend. This week, we looked at Oilers from past eras, the reaction to @Connor McDavid’s house, the business of hockey, and more.
To kick off the episode, we got started with the Sherwood Ford Giant Question of the Week which looked at bringing back Oilers from past eras to help out the current team. The caveat for the hypothetical was that the guys we brought back can’t be the Hall of Famers like Gretzky or Messier that everyone would expect. As a result, the names that came out might be ones that you may not have otherwise suspected. Seeing as our hypothetical scenario was taking us into the land of make-believe, we all offered up a few ideas about what hockey might look like in 40 to 60 years. Changing gears, we looked at the apparent stalemate that’s happening between the NHL and NHLPA about what the 2020-21 season will look like, specifically about whether the lack of movement is making us nervous. While we all think that the league and its players will find some kind of resolution to get back on the ice, the days keep ticking and both sides are losing time.
Listen to this week’s podcast below:
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