This week on the podcast, we were joined by the legend himself, Gene Principe! We spent the episode talking about life with hockey gone for the last few months, the return of the NHL, and, of course, his pre-game intros!
Off the top of the podcast, we also took a look at the recent news surrounding the Rogers Place flooding and how it could affect the hub city. We also looked into the news surrounding both the Oilers and Blackhawks as they began their summer camps!
Then it was time to chat with Gene, who as you would expect, was an absolute beauty! We talked about his recent series of Instagram Live interviews, Fighter Friday, his wild pre-game intro’s, and who some of his favourite Oilers to interact with were. To wrap things up, we got Gene’s take on what it’s like being back at the rink and what the vibe around the Oilers is ahead of their play-in series! Enjoy the interview & don’t forget to like and subscribe!
Listen to this week’s podcast below:
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