For the first time in four months, we had hockey to talk about! The guys were joined by ‘Memeamoto’ this week to do a full playoff preview! They started off the podcast by talking about their first impressions of the Battle of Alberta ‘Exhibition Edition’! It was the first time seeing the new NHL set up on TV & everyone was pretty pleased with it! We also shared the little things we missed about watching Oilers hockey. Connor McDavid looked amazing in the first game back even though it looked like he was only at 60% effort. The special teams looked good as well. There was plenty of ‘kool-aid’ drinking!
Chalmers also grilled young Memeamoto on what it’s like to be running an account with over 10k followers on Instagram. They also talked about the most enjoyable way to watch a big game.
Since the playoffs get going in under 48 hours, we also took a look at the most interesting series’ in both the Western and Eastern Conferences. We ended the podcast with an exciting announcement regarding future shows & we gave our favourite longshot teams heading into the Stanley Cup Playoffs!
Listen to today’s podcast below:
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