The long weekend may be over but the good news is that we’ve got a fresh episode of the Real Life Podcast to get your week started.
To kick off the podcast, Baggedmilk and Tyler were the lone soldiers to show up for the start of the podcast so they took the chance to talk about their long weekends, music, and what they’re watching on TV. Back to business, the guys were joined by Scott Hastings from OddsShark as he helped break down the NHL playoffs, the latest betting trends, the upcoming NFL season, and the latest news from the world of sports. Sticking with the NFL for a moment, the discussion turned to the Miami Dolphins allowing 13,000 fans to attend their home opener and whether or not that’s a good idea. Depending on how things go with football allowing people in their stadiums, would it be automatic that the NHL would follow suit when their season kicks off? Changing gears, the guys looked at the NHL free agency period that starts on October 9th and which players the Oilers may look at to bolster their roster. Back to football, Tyler and Baggedmilk were joined late by Jay, Chalmers, and Josh Park and the group discussed their fantasy football leagues and their associated strategies that go along with putting together the perfect team. Lastly, the guys wrapped up the podcast with a look at what’s going on in the Big Brother house, breaking down the latest competitions, who’s making mistakes, and what to expect from the upcoming week.
Listen to the Tuesday podcast below:
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