GDB 39.0: Another re-tooling begins, Perron traded.

Are the Oilers in Rebuild III? Many believe they are after trading David Perron to Pittsburgh for a 1st round pick this summer and journeyman winger Rob Klinkhammer.

I don’t think they plan on rebuilding, but on the surface this trade doesn’t make much sense. It clearly makes the Oilers worse today and for the next few years. A late first round pick this summer will not help this team for at least three years.

Unless they are planning on making a major move and needed to clear cap space, this trade is another backwards step if the end goal is to make the playoffs.

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I’ve read much speculation that this move was made because Perron wanted out. I know he was sick of losing like any player, but I hadn’t heard he was a negative influence in the room. I don’t have any concrete proof he was a distraction, but as I mentioned after the LA game, I thought it was odd he didn’t even celebrate when he scored the SO winner.

I watch other teams celebrate goals, and I found it odd that Perron was so subdued. I don’t like reading too much into one solitary action, but Perron had shown he wasn’t happy, but, again, very few players are when they are losing this much. I believe he likely wanted out, but I hadn’t seen him being a negative distraction. Whether you like it or not, you won’t win with players who don’t want to be here, but the issue for the Oilers is that if they keep losing then most players will quietly want to leave.

“After a few years you just want to win. It’s nice to get that opportunity in Pittsburgh,” Perron told the media in Colorado this morning. A few years, what do you think Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle feel like. It has been five and half years of losing for them.

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The debate will be was it best to move him now, or wait until the trade deadline to see if you could get more in return? Moving him now increases the Oilers chances of staying in 30th place. If you look at recent trade deadline deals, I’m not sure we can say with certainty the Oilers would have gotten a better return closer to the deadline.

Last year, the only 1st round pick traded was when the Rangers dealt their 1st in 2015 and Ryan Callahan to Tampa Bay for Marty St.Louis. Perron is not as good as St.Louis.

In 2013, the Calgary Flames received 1st rounders in two separate deals:
Jay Bouwmeester was sent to Blues for their 1st (Emile Poirier), Reto Berra, Mark Cunderi and a 4th rounder.
Jarome Iginla was moved to Pittsburgh for a 1st (Morgan Klimchuk) and the rights to Kenneth Agostino and Ben Hanowski.

Both Iginla and Bouwmeester were better at the time than Perron is now.

Getting a 1st rounder for Perron is good value, if you felt it was best to deal before he became a negative influence inside the dressing room. We will never know the exact reason why MacTavish made the move, but it is clear that it makes the Oilers worse today. Only time will tell if that pick can be used to improve them in the summer.

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Speaking of trading that pick at the draft. Here are some recent examples of deals involving #22-30 picks on draft day, or leading up to it. (I’m assuming the Penguins pick will fall in that range.)

2014: Ducks trade their 24th overall pick, (Jared McCann) Nick Bonino, Luca Sbisa and a 4th round pick to Vancouver for Ryan Kesler.
2012: Detroit traded the 19th pick and Sebastien Piche to Tampa Bay for Kyle Quincey. Tampa Bay drafted goalie Andrei Vasilevski with the pick.
2011: Washington traded the 26th pick to Chicago for Troy Brouwer.
2011: San Jose traded the 28th pick,Devin Setoguchi and Charlie Coyle to Minnesota for Brent Burns and a 2nd rounder.

There are other examples prior to 2011 as well, so the Oilers could turn that pick into a proven NHL player at the draft.

Today, they lose the trade, but at the draft we will see if the Oilers can leverage that pick to acquire a proven NHL player. Keep in mind, any player with a NMC is unlikely to waive it to come to Edmonton. Kesler would never agree to come here, so that will limit their trade options. 


Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 1.09.01 PM

Leon Draisaitl is coming off his first multi-point game of his career, but he won’t dress tonight. The Oilers continually show they have no plan. I assume he is scratched because they don’t want to risk him being injured and not being able to send him to the WHL.

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Why did they wait this long? Even when they finally make the correct decision, sending him back to the WHL, they do it in a fashion that makes them look amateur.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 1.09.16 PM

Nikitin draws back in because Keith Aulie got suspended two games for his hit on Matt Stajan. I don’t agree with that suspension at all. I understand why the officials, in real time, gave him a five minute major, because it didn’t look great, however, it makes no sense why after watching it in slow motion that he received a suspension.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 1.09.28 PM

The Oilers want to give Scrivens every opportunity to show he can be a consistent starter.


From Mile High Hockey:

When it comes to trying to spark some offense, the Avs have the right team coming to Denver. The Oilers are dead last in the NHL in goals against. As much as the Avs are looking for a better new year, the Oilers are hoping for one even more. Gas prices are down, that means oil is cheap, and Oilers may be super cheap at the trade deadline because the Oilers are at an all-time low. With this team having drafted in the top five for so many drafts now, it’s hard to say what they should do. This team should be better, so they fired their coach, and now they’ve only won one game in the last ten. This isn’t just a must win for the Avs, it’s a win to save face game.

With all that being said, the Avs can’t look past the Oilers. They still have a talented roster and they’ve bitten the Avs in the ass before.



GAME DAY PREDICTION: The Avs are 10-7-3 in their last 20 games and they’ve gone to OT/SO in eight of them. Avs win in OT, 4-3.

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: The word rebuild will be used more today amongst Oilers fans than any other word. Often it won’t be used in a positive light.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Jeanshorts won’t have time to watch the game. He is too busy making goodbye videos for Perron, Draisaitl, Petry. To be safe he makes one for every player on the team, just so he can upload them when the trades occur over the next two months.

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  • Quicksilver ballet

    For all who doubted the goal this season all along wasn’t to tank, todays deal confirms losing continues to be their best option.

    There could be a few more deals just like this happen before the deadline. The players are lining up hoping to get out before the trade deadline.

    Hard to believe the owner is 100% behind this hell (constant losing) on earth. Will be interesting to see which players turn up the heat on management and go public with their demands. I’ve heard that list of those who want out still sits at 3, now that Perron has gotten his wish.

    • bradleypi

      I still think saying Oilers were tanking gives them far too much credit. The tank is on now for sure. But it’s plain ole incompetence that got them here.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        Loyalty is what losers cling to. It’s unfortunate management isn’t aware winning trumps loyalty. Create a environment the players want to be a part of.

  • YFC Prez

    Petry’s having another solid game.

    Drives me nuts that there was no work really to sign him well into his UFA years. A player like that. A player that your club drafted and developed, to lose at a rate that isn’t going to be close to fair value. And the reason for this, they needed room financially for Justin Schultz…….. Giving away your solid assets for something with much less value to the roster now but perhaps one day could be an improvement over what you already had. ( yeah right !)

    Perron deal is the same thing today.

    Glencross was left to walk because oiler brass felt they had a good chance of landing Hossa.

    This has been a way too common occurrence for this club over the years. They need to learn that potential isn’t guaranteed and rarely ever truly reached.

    • Andy7190

      This is exactly the point about Smid.

      Add him to this list, and I’m sure you can think of many other assets that were just given away, pointlessly.

      It has to stop.

      Not only can they not draft below an early first round pick, they give away assets for nothing.

      There is a reason why this team is dead last. Again.

  • Chris_Cruise

    Wait, so Hall is tired and passes the puck to Scrivens to freeze it instead of the other four players on the ice?!!! Wtf.

    Never seen that play before.

    Hall is trying but his attitude sucks!

    “I’m tired so this play is done. I’m taking my puck and going home.”

    • YFC Prez

      There was nothing wrong with that play. He hustled back to help out defensively and prevent a odd man rush. It was a safe play and not selfish.

      There was a Colorado player coming down to pressure Scrivens so he could freeze the play without penalty.

      • Chris_Cruise

        Not selfish?! He had four other options but chose the goalie and give up a defensive zone face off with over a minute left in OT!

        It was indeed selfish because it allowed him to get off the ice and not be accountable for the following draw.

        They were lucky Gordon won the draw and you wouldn’t be defending that play had they gotten scored on as a result.

        • YFC Prez

          He wasn’t the only player that was out for an extended shift. Just get the draw and get fresh players out.

          It’s not the first time a player has counted in his goalie to freeze the play. This is very common.

  • YFC Prez

    its official. haha! taylor hall has been broken. ZERO confidence! why wont he shoot? why wont anyone shoot? I watch and laugh and laugh and laugh… They ARE SOOOOOO PATHETIC

    • Chris_Cruise

      Yes you are right. I’ve said this about both Hall and Yak.

      They came into the NHL as wild stallions but they’ve been ‘broken’ and are shells of their former selves just like ranchers do to actual stallions.

      I think a change of scenery is the only thing that can help both players at this point. We need to move Hall while he’s still coveted around the league and his trade demands don’t become public.

    • Ed Hod

      because he is a whiny baby. thats what happens when daddy horcoff leaves the team. now he has daddy issues. he’s trying to court every girl at cactus club in hopes that they will turn into his mummy. “whaaa! whaaaa! he wouldnt let me toe drag! whaaa! how come it doesnt work ebs?! am I doing it right?!”
      “youre not my daddy horc, ference! you cant tell me what to do! whaaaaaa!”
      “whaaaaa! im gonna break my stick! its free! and im gonna break it ebs! watch!”

      • Chris_Cruise

        Hahaha. Omg that was funny. And shockingly probably quite accurate.

        I fully agree with you.

        Here is Hall’s issue plain and simple:

        The kid has wheels like a speed skater we all know this. But it’s just north & south…

        And he YEARNS to have the hands and creativity that other top skilled guys have. But he doesn’t. NEVER will. He’s one dimensional and that’s fine he but wishes he was something else. And therein lies the problem that will plague him and stifled his development. He’s his own worst enemy.

        This conflict burns within him and you can see the frustration it causes and disrupts his game.

        If he just kept it simple and play within his strengths he’d be alright. But he watches guys with hands like Eb’s & Nuge (formerly Hemmer & Gag’s) pull off moves he’s simply not capable of in practice and wants to play their game. This needs to be coached out of him or he’ll be in Dany Heatley’s shoes eventually.

        • bradleypi

          As usual, oiler fans quickly forget hall was top 10 in league scoring last year. Lol. I’m surprised you can spell one dimensional… please enlighten me as to how hall is one dimensional? Or should I say, tell me what kind of player you think hall should be?

      • bradleypi

        Ya. This is pretty much the typical response I expect on this board from the hall haters. Starting to think it’s a bunch of 10 year olds commenting on here. And seriously, this is the type of post that gets more cheers than trashes? Stay classy oilers nation! What a joke

        • Chris_Cruise

          ooooh really?.. yes everyone stay serious and have no fun. and sulk. and act like intellectual individuals because we are so great because we are oiler fans. you and people like you are joke. get off the high horse for pete’s sake. all we have to look forward to now are the jokes because the oilers have given us no credibility.

          but no everyone MUST Stay classy. We are oilers fans and we are all intelligent… give me a break. who do you think you are? you dont breathe the same air as I do?

    • BubbaZanetti

      Should I break out the kleenex for ya ? And I will continue to watch him to look for any sign of life from him, any glimpse of a hockey player that apparently you and others see but many others don’t. And deserves to be ripped on just like most of the team and management. Perhaps if you don’t like hearing you’re precious Taylor getting ripped, maybe you should just piss off.

  • Zamboni Driver

    Don’t the Oilers have 18 million dollars worth of ‘sick hands, great dangles’™?

    You’d think in trick shots that they might either be better (Ales Eberle = hasn’t scored since World Juniors) or get to try.

  • YFC Prez

    Why all the negatives about after a trade?

    Perron heart is not with the team, he wants to win so now he has his chance.

    Nelson is doing wonders with this team, they are playing hard, getting points last 3 games.

    I said months ago to let Nelson coach the team, he’s a good coach. The team is skating, PP and PK are getting better.

    This June draft is deep with good players, Oilers need good picks for down the road also. This team will make playoffs next season. Be patient people.

    This season is done, let’s look forward to the drafts and free agents signings.

    Nelson will lead this team next year.

  • YFC Prez

    I don’t believe Oiler ownership and management is smart enough to realize there will be a huge price to pay for this years team performance/tanking….say bye bye to the Oiler stars (Hall, RNH, Eberle etc)…soon as there contracts are up they are gone. Also UFA’s will never sign with the Oilers….big trouble ahead I’m afraid.

    • Zamboni Driver

      Okay good God.

      This needs to stop.

      These ‘stars’ everyone talks about? Have a combined 25 goals. They lead the team in ice time.

      They are not stars by any definition of the word. They’re the best players (well, not Ales Eberle who is a joke) on the LAST PLACE TEAM IN THE NHL.

      And we’re worried they might want to LEAVE??!!

      If they’re bitching, they should, collectively, shut the hell up and play. Harder. Better.

      God almighty.

  • Zamboni Driver

    Nobody wants to go to Edmonton to play NHL hockey.

    Sorry that is reality. This is the reason why you are going through your third rebuild in nine years.

  • Ed Hod

    About the only way I can make sense of the trade is to think this is part of a plan to be able to tell free agents next summer “Look, this isn’t that same team you’ve heard so many bad things about; we’ve ditched the coach and half the roster since then.”

    But if MacT is really planning on acquiring free agents in the summer for a quick rebuild a la Calgary he either forgetting his struggles of last summer, or admitting that he never tried to fill the Oiler’s biggest holes last year.

    • BubbaZanetti

      Then speaking specifically about only on ice, who or what is the problem ? First it was Eakins, he’s gone, Arco gone, Perron gone. I know let’s blame Yak even though he only plays 6-7 min a game, he barely saw the ice against Avalanche. Maybe its Matt Fraser’s fault, let’s blame the new guy ? The on ice performance from our supposedly “top players” is sub part at best. How is Hall not part of the problem? Show me where in any game in the last two months where he attempted to make a difference, I keep patiently waiting for him to make me eat my words but it never happens, so please tell me what you SEE that makes him so valuable and please don’t use the word “potential” because I may throw up.

  • Guy Lafleur

    If one looks at this year’s performance both Perron and Klinghammar have scored 4 goals. That is one of the realities the Oil need to confront. Players playing well below their proven levels, likely due to “losing fatigue”, is a big issue.

    I think it was pretty clear that Perron had checked out this year. The dogged determination, exceptional hands and ability to grate on opposition players have not been apparent this year. He will be rejuvenated in Pittsburgh and do well. I’m not sure his usefulness with the Oil could have been rejuvenated.

    I’m concerned that the underperforming Eberle and Hall are also suffering from “losing fatigue”.

  • Guy Lafleur

    I think that trading Perron was the owners way of punishing fans for the empty seats (I was at the Dec 1 game vs Arizona..another loss..and there were thousands of empty seats). Oilers are now around 9M under the cap and these savings would balance this lost revenue. I wouldn’t put it past this owner. Or perhaps its the conspiracy part of my brain here. Any thoughts?? Frustrated

  • BubbaZanetti

    Perron spoke up against the tall foreheads that manage the Oilers and was banished for his transgression. This has happened many times previously (e.g M.Comrie…to think we could have Corey Perry but KLowe was too stubborn). This is why the management group will doom this team for the next decade.

  • Thumby

    Jim Rutherford is the architect of the Carolina Hurricanes and current gm of Pittsburgh. That 1st rounder is a big ticket for a small selfish agitator who has 5 goals and who did not fit. This team is better off in the long run.

  • Johnnydapunk

    I expect trashes from this comment, but here’s my not terribly knowledgable view on this trade.

    I’m guessing Perron didn’t want to be here which looked really obvious, and in a way I’m not sure he was so good for the team. He wasn’t a Hall or Eberle, and wasn’t a Hendricks or Gordon, in the sense he wasn’t scoring enough to be a scorer (I am aware that none of the scorers are scoring per se) and he was not as much of a,grinder either. He was kindof in between which the Oil can’t afford to really have right now. He may do well as a part of a system, but I don’t see him being an integral part if that makes sense.

    I have read before that he may have issues with attitude and gets down and a bit negative at times and I don’t know if the stuff that was said in St Louis meant anything or were to be taken seriously, but maybe there was a hint of truth to it. This is the article I am referencing btw

    Perron Ripped by St Louis Press Journal Article

    So I hate to say it but I guess that they needed to trade him and a team like Pittsburgh would be good for him as there isn’t as much pressure on him to perform as they have Crosby and Malkin.

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that the next one out will be Fasth as he has both looked useless and annoyed the few times he has played. There was the goalie rotation for the longest time and after he threw his toys (mask) out of the pram, he has been stapled to the bench since, with the exception of a brief appearance where he watched 3 goals fly past against Calgary. I can see him going for picks.

    The other theory I have here which is maybe my way of making sense of the nonsensical is that MacT is trying to make some capspace for signing Yakupov or at least have the option to, and either make a trade or look to see of there are any KHL players who may come back or give the NHL a shot again. The Ruble is in a bit of trouble now (it’s proper pooched actually) and with some players and teams (primarily Russian ones) losing a lot of money as a result, I’m sure some players would weirdly be happy to be offered a chance to give the NHL a shot.

    Saying all that, everything I am assuming is being done with the knowledge that this season is over so anything between now and the draft will be the equivalent of deciding that the deckchairs should be pointed North on this titanic disaster known as the Oil.

  • YFC Prez

    I have to laugh everyone wants to blame the 3rd and 4th line. Hey people the top six are terrible. They get all the ice time. 19 is a huge joke, wow is he gutless heartless and doesn’t look interested at all. Both first 2 picks cant help this club. No goal tending, no d and no scoring. That’s katz, fault oh no did I say that.
    Hockey guys run hockey teams not friends, hows that working for you. Mark in the park