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Oilers to offer $80 concourse pass for playoffs

According to Oilers Tweeter Ryan Batty, the Edmonton Oilers are offering fans an alternate way to attend the team’s playoff games at Rogers Place. Unfortunately, your $80 ticket (!!!) won’t get you a seat. Or a view of the game, for that matter. All this pass does is give you access to the arena’s concourse during the game, so you can watch on TV and enjoy concessions at arena prices.

I mean, sure, you can’t blame the Oilers for doing everything they can to make money. That’s the nature of the game, obviously. But man, this is a bad look. The Leafs (and Raptors, who are owned by the same organization) do viewing parties outside the Air Canada Centre during playoff games for free, and the Oilers haven’t made an effort to do anything of the sort this year. So why not host an event like this in Churchill Square? Or outside the arena somewhere? Make it a cool thing for people in the city to enjoy and really generate some hype downtown, rather than looking to make a quick buck?

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This is also going to result in major clogging within the facility during the games. It’ll mean a longer line to get in, a longer grind to get out, and even more hassle to work your way through either a bathroom or concession line during an intermission. It seems lame to ask people to spend a good chunk of cash for this mediocre experience, and it’s really brutal to do so knowing that it’ll worsen the experience of the fans who just dropped hundreds of dollars to come in and cheer for the team after a decade of waiting.

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Also, will it say somewhere on the ticket that you’re an honorary Tier 1 fan for a night? 

I don’t know. I’m sure as hell not going to spend $80 to stand there and watch a game on TV when I can spend that same amount and have a good time at a bar. What do you think, Nation? Screw it, the Oilers are in the playoffs! Making is the most money possible their right and this is just good business? Or is this more tone-deaf nonsense that make the Oilers a frustrating organization? Would there have been a better way to do this?

  • Captain Ron

    Hahahahahaha! This is what happens when greed overrides any level of sensibility. Just what you need at these events is more congestion in the concourse and longer bathroom lineups during intermission. If I were a paying customer with a seat especially if a season ticket holder who paid for the playoffs I would be royally pissed at this idea. This is one of the dumbest ideas ever conceived by ownership and management. For all who are stupid enough to participate in this just know that they are looking down at you through their rose colored glasses and laughing out loud. But don’t worry when everyone with a seat starts complaining they will come out and tell you that they did a study and came to the conclusion that the facility had lots of extra room to handle the additional load these extra’s will present.
    If they get away with this next up will be “controlled slow drive by’s” during game action for $20.00 a car so you can hear the good paying folks cheering them on.

  • Back 10-15 years ago when we only ever played Dallas in the playoffs some friends and I sold 50/50 tix before a playoff game, once we sold them all we were allowed to stay in the building but without seats (different arena, but still) It was horrible and we took off to a bar to watch the third period. Atmosphere or no atmosphere, standing on a concourse is a lousy way to spend several hours, but at least I didn’t have to pay $80 for the privilege.

  • Truth

    What a joke. They totally screwed up on not having enough urinals in the building to start with. Now cram more people in to just take up space in the arena? Horrible idea. Further, who would want one of these tickets? Pay 80 to stand and watch the game on a little screen, while you pay $12 / beer and have to wait in the same horrible lineups regular ticket holders have complained about since day one. No thanks.

  • Finnish Oiler fan in Edmonton89

    Theoretically though, after getting in

    Isn’t there spots in the arena where you can non chalantley stand and watch the game live? The arena is really open concept for the most part (unless they are dicks and close the curtains)

    I always used to pay about 70 bucks at rexall for those standing room tickets where you would stand at the top of lower bowl behind the net area

    Isn’t this kind of same thing?

    I’m so confused