Oilers finally unveil the white jerseys

It was a big day in Oil Country yesterday as the world’s most popular Connor signed the biggest contract of his life. I was secretly hoping they would simultaneously announce a Draisaitl contract signing as well as a Jagr signing but unfortunately, I was being greedy. However, we did get one surprise following the press conference as the Oilers finally revealed their new white jersey design. 

The citizen pitchforks were out and ready for a battle a couple weeks ago when the Oilers put out their new Adidas home jersey. I, personally, don’t mind the orange ones as long as Connor McDavid is wearing it. It may take some time to get used to but I’m sure everyone will warm up to them. After Connor’s presser, he and the rest of the YEG media paraded outdoors where Connor had himself a photo shoot in the bright new road jerseys. The reveal was definitely less climactic than the home jersey reveals, but I was pleasantly surprised how they slipped it into the new contract commotion.

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Here are some peeks at the photoshoot from earlier today. I’m actually digging the new away jerseys. I was expecting something a lot more lame and bland but these are looking pretty impressive. Once again, anything Connor McDavid wears on his back is going to look beautiful but these have the potential to look good on anybody. Could you imagine NHL stud, Jaromír Jágr sporting these white sweaters? Soon my friends.

I’m hoping the crowd reaction will be much better this time around over the orange reveal. Let me know what you think of the sweaters in the comments!