Just Kailer Yamamoto things

Kailer Yamamoto signed his ELC yesterday and this calls for a celebration! A slick goal from the World Junior Summer Showcase a few days ago showed Oiler fans a little peek on what our latest first round pick has in his skill set. Kailer Yamamoto was the smallest first round draft pick in NHL history but after sifting through some Yammer highlights I’m starting to think that doesn’t really matter. His skating abilities and speed are on another level, and I think he’s going to do some serious damage in the NHL. Since we don’t know too much about the little guy yet I thought I’d put together a few moments of Kailer Yamamoto doing Kailer Yamamoto things.

This clip is a little bitter-sweet to watch as Kailer undresses the Canada defence followed by a cheeky backhand passed Carter Hart. Thankfully this game didn’t mean anything for our nation.


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When Yammer skated in an on-ice sport testing session for the prospects game they opted to give him a mic and go-pro. Kailer is a natural hackey guy who has a big personality. His interviews seem light and his off ice antics seem fun. What fan base doesn’t want a guy like this around? With the amount of fun we’ve been having with Pool Party so far, another big personality in the room would be huge for my own personal entertainment.


Kailer cutting into the middle, splitting the defence and making the goalie look like a fool while on his knees is something I think we all need to get used to watching.

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I’m surprised there hasn’t been a meme on this already but Kailer has loved M&M’s since he was a young tot and that’s alright with me. When he becomes an NHL all-star I see a very successful sponsorship coming his way.


Who would have thought something so small could produce such power in a slap shot? This was two of many clappers he scored last year. He can score from all angles and played defence with Spokane on the power play which says a lot offensively about a player.


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There are many amazing things about this goal. We already know how Yammer has wheels and hands, but how about his celebrations in all these clips? One thing I take great interest in are goal celly’s and let me tell you that Kailer Yamamoto knows what he’s doing out there. Let’s get this season started already!


If Kailer Yamamoto can have a successful career he will definitely go down in the history books as one of the smallest guys to do so. He still has a lot of work to do to get to the NHL level, but it’s safe to say he’s following paths of players like Martin St. Louis and Tyler Johnson. Players who break through the stigma of being too small to play in the NHL are important to our game and to any sport. I wish Kailer the best of luck in his future and can’t wait to see him in an Oil jersey!

  • OriginalPouzar

    Very nice prospect – great pick at #22 as given there are no locks at that number, might as well go for big skill.

    I expect him to light up rookie camp and show well in camp but, aside from maybe a couple of games early in the year, he needs to be destined for Spokane this year.

    It is imperative going forward for this team that we have young forwards on their ELCs and 2nd contracts that are value contracts – we can’t waste a year of Kailer’s cheap ELC unless he is truly ready to perform consistently in the to 6 both with and without 97 on his line.

    He should go dominate the WHL and the WJHC and come to camp next year ready to turn pro and compete for a spot in the top 6 (or ready to work on the pro game playing top 6 in Bakersfield).

  • madjam

    Oilers draft deep into the shire to obtain hobbit “keeper of the ring” K.Yamamoto . Lowe knows whom to draft to secure the ring of Stanley back to it’s rightful place in Edmonton . Interesting , he even looks like Froto . Now let the journey begin around the Fellowship of the Ring . Many probably thought Kailer was just a novelty pick . Now to crush the dark forces and stench to the south in Calgary and beyond .

  • Heschultzhescores

    I’m sure he’s been proving people wrong about his size his whole life…I just hope the trend can continue at the highest level of hockey. My gut tells me, no, my heart sees him succeeding and becoming a Theo Fleury with even a bit more skill…and a much nicer Jersey.

    • Hemi

      As much as I agree with you on this, I also believe he has been facing the size factor all of his life. Not at all trying to white wash the matter but I do think his skill and his internal drive are huge compensations and just may be the way around the obvious size concerns of playing in the NHL. Damn, I want this kid to make it. The odds were, are and will be against him but I think he knows that and wants to bet those odds as much as we Oil fans want him to.

      Show us your stuff kid and make believers out of the loudest naysayers!