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Leon Draisaitl suffering from “concussion-like symptoms”

Yesterday, we learned that Leon Draisaitl would be missing tonight’s game due to swelling in his eye. This morning, after practice, Todd McLellan also confirmed that Draisaitl is also suffering from “concussion-like symptoms.” Happy day. *facepalm*

As if having two losses to garbage fire teams wasn’t bad enough, the Edmonton Oilers will now be without one of their star players for the foreseeable future as Leon Draisaitl recovers from a swollen eye AND concussion-like symptoms. Not only is this a huge blow to the team, it’s also a kick to the junk for Leon Draisaitl as he looks to continue his development as an NHL warlord and for Oilers fans everywhere. But “concussion-like” symptoms? I don’t buy it. The Oilers can call this what they want, but we all know that “concussion-like symptoms” just means that he has a concussion. Why sugar coat it? Regardless of what you call it, this is a massive blow for the Oilers.

In three games played, Draisaitl found himself (mostly) picking up where he left off last season with three points in three games (1G, 2A), good for second in team scoring. Despite the Oilers early struggles, it was nice to see that the top six was managing to put up some offence even if it was sporadic at times. Sure they can be better, but the pieces are all there. The last thing I would have worried about is whether or not Connor and Leon forgot how to play. That is until Draisaitl got his bell rung. The really tough part about this injury is that it not only keeps Draisaitl out of the lineup but also off of the ice until the symptoms calm down, and that’s a horrible hand to be dealt for a first line player.

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With an eye/head injuries, you never know how long that is going to take and rushing him back is not an option so the Oilers are going to have to make do without for a while. How long will that be? Nobody knows, but the range could be anywhere from a night or two to an extended period — it’s not like the Oilers are all that honest forthcoming with these kinds of things. One truth we do know for sure is that the team is much better off with Leon than without him, and I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we should look into joining hands in some kind of internet prayer circle. It’s either that or I’ll go out looking for some kind of sacrifice.

Get well soon, Leon. We’re all pulling for you.

Source: Reid Wilkins, Verified Twitter Account, 10/14/17, 11:09 am MST