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Leon Draisaitl placed on the Injured Reserve

According to the Edmonton Oilers, Leon Draisaitl has been placed on the Injury Reserve and will not play tomorrow against the Carolina Hurricanes. It looks like the bad news just keeps piling up around here. 

If you were looking for some good news to start off your week then this is not it as word just came out that Leon Draisaitl’s eye injury/concussion is bad enough that the Oilers have added him to the Injured Reserve. To make matters worse, they didn’t really provide much in terms of offering up details in regards to a timeline for a possible return.

When Todd McLellan spoke to the media after practice, he offered this update:

“Leon won’t play tomorrow nor will Drake Caggiula. Tomorrow they will be evaluated for the ability to go on the upcoming road trip.

That’s not much of an update when it comes to one of the team’s best players being out for over a week now. I mean, it’s not that I necessarily expect the team to be honest about these kinds of things but it would be nice if they gave us something. Maybe it’s just me but it definitely seems like the Oilers have their guard up on this one.

From where I blog, this is all kinds of bad news and the Oilers aren’t exactly putting out any fires with their lack of information. The concerning part is that a week ago we were only talking about a “swollen eye” that kept him out of practice, but as we fast forward to today that swollen eye has also added “concussion-type symptoms” without any idea of when he’ll be back.

Unfortunately for Oilers fans, the dark cloud continues to hang over this team early on this season.

Source: Edmonton Oilers, Verified Twitter Account, 10/16/17, 1:27 pm MST

  • TruthHurts98

    I’m guessing Leon is out for quite a while, I hope this season doesn’t turn into a train wreck. PC didn’t do much this summer and now things are looking so good. Time for some hustle and passion, this team should be able to do that at least!

    • GriffCity

      I doubt it will be “quite a while”. they haven’t even said it’s a concussion, just symptoms. Its imaginable to have had a swollen eye and/or bruised eyeball that now hurts when he looks left to right or causes some sort of headache/pain . Any pain associated with the head after contact these days and the word concussion is thrown around. Im hoping this is an eye injury that subsequently causes “concussion-like symptoms” and is gone in a few days.

      • Peplinski's Thunderbird

        What exactly is the difference between a concussion and concussion-like-symptoms? Nobody ever says someone has Broken-foot-like-symptoms, or ACL-tear-like-symptoms. Your foot is either broken or its not broken. Why don’t they just come out and say his brain is busted?

        • El Petrolero

          Well there are such things as partial breaks, sprains, bruises, etc. The brain is even more complicated than that. Maybe he just has the flu and they’re using IR to increase overage spending for the trade deadline.

          • Peplinski's Thunderbird

            Yes, of course brain injuries are more nuanced than regular breaks, sprains etc. My point is if you have all the symptoms of an injury, What is stopping the medical staff from concluding what the injury actually is? With injuries of varying severity, like partial tears like you mentioned, there is still a determination being made on the injury. Its a partial tear, not partial-tear-like-symptoms

  • Derian Hatcher

    Call me a Neanderthal if you wish, but it is at these times that a McSorley, McClelland, or especially a Semenko (RIP 27) would circle at center ice during warm up next time the oilers play the jets and snarl like caged lions at Trouba, who would be reduced to a puddle of pi$$ before the drop of the puck. At the first chance during the game, he would take a pounding from one of the 3 aforementioned lions, and probably another in the second period. No Marquis of Queensbury rules, no squaring up, just a good old-fashioned beat down for injurying one of their most valuable teammates. He would never think of doing it again, and word would get around the league really fast.

    But in this PC, everyone gets a participation ribbon, you are all winners, and we don’t keep score cause it traumatizes timbits soccer players, I guess accountability is out the window.

    PS. Get off my lawn

  • Oilerboy1112

    If Leon Draisaitl is out for long term, I doubt we make the playoffs because McDavid can’t carry the Oilers all by himself, this is where trading Taylor Hall seems like a bad move, but then again our defence would be a lot worse if we didn’t trade him… Hopefully Talbot starts playing great again, so it’s not only McDavid carrying the Oilers, and also hopefully RNH continues to play great so McDavid isn’t doing all of the work.

  • OriginalPouzar

    Placing Leon on IR today is really a nothing move and Oiler fans should take a step back and consider what it means.

    Its retroative to last Monday and he would/will be eligible to come off IR and play on Thursday if he’s ready to OK.

    I’m not saying he will be ready to go but being places on IR, retroactive to a week ago, is a house-cleaning move – the cap hit of the team gets calculated on a daily basis and Leon being on IR for the last week will be factored in.

    Hopefully we get some more actual info on his condition after the evaluation tomorrow. I’m assuming he won’t be ready for Thursday but the placement on IR has nothing to do with that.

  • madjam

    Malone got called up and that was for extra space created by Injury reserve for Cagguila . Now , who might be called up for Draisaitl , being as he is out for at least 7 more days .

  • j_cawkl

    Anyone questioning how this injury happened? He got hit in the first, played the rest of the game and scored. I didn’t notice a black eye during the game and he must have been showing some signs if it was swollen the next day. Media said nothing about it after the game…Was this really an on ice injury?

    • 99CupsofCoffey

      Look up Trouba Draisaitl hit, and you’ll see it was most definitely on the ice. Trouba left his feet and hit Drai square in the side of the head with his elbow.

    • Dave33

      The media in Edmonton is a huge problem. I hope Oilersnation and The Athletic start to ask some real questions. It isn’t going to come from Gregor or Rishaug or any of the other main people. This franchise has an too much control of its product. True journalism raises questions, sparks debate. All I see from Edmonton media is controlled dissension. Why is no one asking this question and then following up with a response that the Oilers response is BS and write about it? Start holding the Oilers accountable. An article this summer on how badly the cap was mismanaged would have been appropriate. My bet is Spector will write those articles in 2-3 years once the current administration is all fired.


    My co-workers acted like cannibals on a fresh meat when they thought the rumour of Nurse punching Drasaitl could be true…I chose not to believe these sort of rumours and give it legs unless backed up by reliable source.
    Here are others: Comrie was sleeping with Salo’s wife; Coffey was sleeping with Sather’s wife; Comrie was shredding an Oiler’s uniform with his skates etc….Pleezze, it could be an anti-Oiler fans starting up these rumours and let social media run with it…