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Andrej Sekera hoping to return before Christmas

Andrej Sekera, noted team dad, is hoping to be back on the ice with the boys before Christmas. Sekera is still recovering from the offseason ACL surgery and is now (finally) nearing his return. How far off is he? Let’s take a look.

While the Adam Larsson setback certainly wasn’t good news for the Oilers, things weren’t all bad at practice today. Andrej Sekera took part in contact drills today as he continues to get closer to returning from offseason ACL surgery. It goes without saying that getting Reggie back in the lineup would be nothing but positive for the Oilers, but we still don’t know how far off he is. Fortunately, I know a guy that might have an idea.

So I called Gregor and asked him about Sekera and when he hopes to be ready.

“Sekera took part in contact drills today. He is getting closer and his goal is to be ready by Christmas.”

Whoa, baby. That’s what I like to hear. Tell me everything about it. What’s the next step? What speed bumps does he still have to face? WHEN DO WE GET HIM BACK, GREGOR, TELL ME?!

“The next hurdle will be seeing how his knee responds over the next few days after some strenuous contract drills and uptempo practicing.”

Ah, yes. I imagine the old boy will be feeling mighty sore after these hard days of putting the work in. I’ve never had ACL surgery myself, but I’ve spoken to a few guys that have and it doesn’t sound fun or even in the ballpark of fun. Even so, when he does come back, I’m guessing that his knee will be plenty tender.

“He will wear a knee brace for the remainder of the season, but his goal is to train all summer without it so he doesn’t need it next year.”

What a man. I’m guessing he’ll smear the blood of the innocent on his knee as a means to speed up the recovery. Okay, so maybe I made that up but you never know what kind of ancient remedies those Eastern European countries have, ya know? Either way, the fact that Sekera is nearing his return can only be good news for an Oilers team that desperately needs to tighten things up in their own end.


I know having Sekera back won’t necessarily fix all the defensive zone gaffs that have been happening on a nightly basis but it certainly will help. I mean, the guy hasn’t played in seven months but he’s still going to be a better option than some of the guys we have currently. Yes, it’s going to take him some time to get up to speed, but I still think that having him back in the lineup will allow Todd McLellan to better slot some of the current options he has in the top six. Sekera was such a calming influence on the blue line that getting him back will be a big boost in terms of the Oilers’ ability to defend as well as their ability to move the puck up ice.

Will he actually be back before Christmas? I guess we’ve got 20 days to find out.


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Source: Jason Gregor, Verified Twitter Account, 12/05/2017, 1:15pm MST

  • D

    Sekera’s injury really threw this team off balance. I can’t help but feel that his absence contributed to the injury woes of Talbot and Larsson, as they both probably overcompensated for the depleted defense.

    • LAKID

      Don’t rush him back…. but that is what the Oilers do. The Oil will know if they have a crack at the playoffs end of Dec. Sekera should be out until he is 100%.

    • RJ

      I prefer Hamonic to Russell, not withstanding any perceived performance problems this year.

      A guy like Hamonic is changing teammates, systems and conferences. Do you forget Sekera struggled in his first half-season?

      • Anton CP

        Hamonic did not change anything for Islanders and what made you think that he would be making differences for other teams? A defensive defenseman that cannot play defense, why is he any good in everyone’s opinion?

  • Crazy Pedestrian

    Does anyone know where the nickname “Reggie” for Sekera came from? I don’t see how it relates to his actual name at all…

    And on the Davidson pick up… in my mind I imagine him finally coming out to the media and all that he’s actually ambidextrous and can shoot both left AND right but his father (or someone of the same ilk) told him to keep it under wraps until the faithful day, that one team goes out of their way to get him on their roster twice, to show they are the one team most interested in him… then proceeds to kill it as a “natural” RHD…

    …man being an oilers fan can mess you up sometimes…

  • D'oh-ilers

    I only want him to come back when he’s healthy enough to play, and won’t reinjure himself. If that’s this year, great, if it’s not until January, that’s fine too. I expect he’ll likely be a step slow this season due to the knee brace and injury, so giving him a bit more time to heal up isn’t a bad thing.

    • The repair should be stable by the time he returns but he’ll be icing after every game and taking pain meds on the off days. His flexibility won’t be 100% for a good six months after and he’ll be hesitant to put himself into precarious situations.

      TLDR: Don’t bet your mortgage on him coming back and being the same Sekera we saw last season. With any luck and no further damage incurred this year he’ll have a ripping summer of training and come back ready to chew nails next fall.

      Signed – someone who’s gone through it several times.