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Maroon traded to New Jersey in exchange for a 3rd round pick and a prospect

The Edmonton Oilers have traded Patrick Maroon to the New Jersey Devils in exchange for a third-round draft pick and (reportedly) for prospect JD Dudek from Boston College. Losing the Big Rig was a trade that we all saw coming, and now it has finally become a reality. Goodbye, Patty, we’ll miss you.

Ever since coming over from Anaheim at the deadline in 2016, Pat Maroon almost instantly staked his claim as a fan favourite. Not only could the big man put the puck in the net, he also fought, his interviews were priceless, his contract was affordable, and he brought his adorable son all over the continent to watch him play hockey. That’s the kind of player that Edmontonians love and to see him leave is a bittersweet moment for all of us. Sure, we want to get a return for expiring assets especially when the playoffs are out of reach, but Pat Maroon was a bright spot for Edmonton from the first day he pulled on the jersey. Seeing him go sucks.

That said, Peter Chiarelli did do the smart thing by moving Maroon for a pair of assets at this point, disappointing as the return may be. Maroon, will be an unrestricted free agent come July 1st, will be turning 30-years-old in April and is likely looking to cash in on what could be his last chance at a big contract. Now, who knows what kind of deal he was looking at to stay with the Oilers but the reality of the matter is that Patty is on the back-nine of his career and those are the kind of details that the team can’t be giving out, especially with the cap crunch that will soon be slapping us in the face.

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At the end of the day, I would have preferred that the Oilers found a way to keep Maroon and get rid of Lucic but those are not the cards that we’ve been dealt. Not to mention, a move like that would not likely happen with Peter Chiarelli still manning the fort. Instead, we see a guy that had chemistry with Connor McDavid moving on to a playoff push with Taylor Hall and the Devils in exchange for a 3rd round pick and a mystery prospect. It’s tough to see you go, but that’s the business we’re in and these friendships don’t ever seem to last forever.

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So long, Patty. We’ve had some great times together and I’ll miss you.

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At the end of the day, this was a move that we knew was coming and it was just a matter of waiting to see what the return would be. When Peter Chiarelli spoke late last week, he mentioned the want for actual hockey players that could help in some capacity now and not draft picks that they’d have to wait on for years. At first, it looked like we were only going to get the 3rd round pick for Patrick Maroon and I think everyone would have been disappointed with that. That said, Devils’ prospect JD Dudek is also reportedly attached to the deal so Chiarelli did follow through on his word of getting a warm body back on these trades. How good is JD Dudek? I have no idea. I’ve never heard his name before just not, but what I can tell you is that he’s a right-shot centre that’s playing for Boston College in the NCAA.

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More to come…

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Source: Elliotte Friedman, Verified Twitter Account, 2/26/2018 – 1:18 pm MST

  • Soccer Steve

    Let’s be real. Maroon was being paid for in part by another team. He had a very good year…as a bounceboard for McDavid. Away from McDavid he produces like a 4th liner (Stauffer’s words, not mine, even though I agree). Speed is the in-vogue trait right now and Maroon is not fast. We got what we got for a guy who might struggle to find 3 years term on his next contract. The league isn’t dumb, they see these things too.

    • GK1980

      So with that said, would you offer Maroon term for 2 mill a year? He would take on a bottom 6 role. He likes Edmonton and adds character to the room as well.

    • MrBung

      Not simply in vogue. Teams are winning with this approach. It is a combination of NHL rules/enforcement and the ongoing trend for years with the league getting younger and the talent coming in more ready than ever.

  • toprightcorner

    When STL at the last minute decided to sell and trade Stasney to WPG, that took 2 of the top options to trade Maroon. BOS took Nash, who is a better all around player. Once Kane was gone, there was really no other option to trade Maroon to a team who really wanted him.

    Chairelli had to find a partner in an hour to make a trade and that desperation lowers the return. NJD wasn’t on anyones radar. NJD already thraded their 2nd rounder so PC ground out for an avg prospect with the 3rd. With 2 other prospects already playing at Boston College, they have seen this guy a lot and maybe they see something.

    It wasn’t a great return, but it is what was expected

  • DarkLinkCosplay

    Maroon has more points than Nash and the same as Tatar over the last two years! Chia did this to himself, all the GMs in the league probably hardball him knowing he’ll crack. I’m tired of seeing chia throwing our resources away. We should organize a fire chiarelli chant at a game

    • BasementDweller

      Maroon also played with Connor McDavid, pretty sure Nash and Tatar didn’t have that kind of talent to play with. Let’s face it, Maroon without Connor isn’t worth a hell of a lot.

      What would people rather see happen? Chiarelli not trade him and sign him to bloated contract to handcuff us even more?

      • DarkLinkCosplay

        Maroon’s stats with and without Connor Mcdavid arent so different… With MCD 1.87 P/60, without MCD 1.68 P/60. I’m not saying that he should have gotten what Nash and Tatar got as I believe they were both overpays, but why is there such a vast difference? Tatars best year was 56 points FOUR years ago… And his numbers this year are worse than maroon. And even though Tatar has contract just comparing the trades… Like wtf.

    • QuitForRealThisTime

      Nash has mystic and Tatar is not a rental as he has a contract. I don’t think these are comparable. I think Boston massively over payed for Nash.

      • Snoop Scottie Dogg

        I think Boston thought that they were trading for Nash from 5-7 years ago. I think Maroon is the better player today but lacked the star power. Not that that helps you win games. I did think that the price for PM should increase after the Nash deal though. I hope Boston wasn’t stringing along Chia again.

    • The Dave

      If you were expecting a similar return on Maroon as NYR got for Rick Nash you were destined for disappointment. The talent level isn’t close at all between the two.

    • GK1980

      You can’t compare Maroon to Tartar or especially Nash. Come on man, Maroon had one good year playing mostly with McDavid. A lot of you think Maroon was some kind of superstar or something.

  • tkfisher

    Rick Nash 18 goal, 28 pts in 60 games.

    Maroon 14 goals, 30 pts in 58 games.

    One got
    2018 1st-Round Pick
    F Ryan Spooner
    F Matt Beleskey
    D Ryan Lindgren
    2019 7th-Round Pick

    and the other one goes for a 3rd and a throw in.


      • OnDaWagon

        I think, it’s about 1 ladyboy every 2nd year. I might be wrong, and it might be more. I’ll go through the pictures and let you know in ah bit.

        Anyway Patty, good luck in NJ. They got a real nifty, nifty rookie there. I think you’re in for a sweet treat. There’ll be chemistry there, i think.

    • The Dave

      Yeah, a first overall pick with 800 points in his career and two Olympic Gold Medals is comparable to a guy with 165 points who put up 27 goals playing with Connor McDavid.

      NYR got a really good return on Nash, but the tale of Patrick Maroon is still one of good asset management. We traded to get him for Martin Gernat and a 4th at only half of his salary, got a career year out of him, and then flipped him for another minor propsect and a 3rd. That’s good. Patty had good production with McDavid and gave us some good hockey, but anyone who thought we were getting a much better deal than what we got is crazy. Y’all know that Evander Kane and Rick Nash can score goals with or without a superstar center, right?

    • Hemmercules

      Tell me this. If you were Boston, would send that package over for a couple months of Nash who is only a slight upgrade on Spooner??

      There is always a strange trade at the deadline. That Boston one was the one in my opinion.

    • Anton CP

      I don’t know why so many are quickly written off Dudek even before he has yet landed in Edmonton. At least from the multiple scouting reports that he is better than Caggiula and Slepyshev. At least from what I can get that suggested Dudek has skating skills that could be much better compliment part to McDavid. I mean, Maroon this year is largely a boat anchor on McDavid’s line so I don’t think that it is a bad return for Maroon.

      • Thank you for employing some logic.
        And to the guy that pointed out that the top two speculated destinations (STL and WPG) for Maroon took them selves out of the running with the Stastny trade, thank you for also having some logic.
        There was nowhere to trade Maroon, so in such a scenario this is the return you get.

      • WHH

        I love these multiple scouting reports because they always prove to be so accurate, especially concerning NCAA players. Now you have him playing with McDavid. Wow. The boat anchor is Lucic.

    • Spaceman Spiff

      Yeah, that’s the thing that many people on here don’t seem to be getting. If there was a better deal to be had out there … it would have been had. It’s not that complicated. The market has spoken for Maroon and it said “long-shot prospect and a third.” We got what we were going to get.

      • crabman

        Did the market speak or did he have some other options and waiting too long trying to get a better price? Waited too tong and his trade partners found a different option leaving him high and dry and scrambling to find anything.
        someone else in this section mentioned a trade this small doesn’t take right up to the wire to get done. this was desperation to get anything rather than nothing.

  • oilerjed

    If Patty even provided half of the same production away from Connor as he did with him then there would be reason to be upset with the return. As it is Maroon wasn’t as in demand as we had hoped he was.
    If as someone posted earlier, That Elliot Friedmen is suggesting that Chia was trying to sign him, then A: at least we got something at the last minute since Chia was obviously overwhelmed by an offer
    B: We can try and resign him in the summer for a price that us better for the Oilers. Obviously Patrick was interested if it did go to the last second
    C: Maroon is not Nash. the two do not have the same value.

  • Rob...

    I have to wonder if they could have gotten more had Maroon played last night and had a good game. Weird decision given that the player had missed several games with a LBI and was back to being healthy the day before Trade Deadline. Getting sick of Chia.

      • Rob...

        I doubt you and logic are very close friends. Logic would suggest that you don’t ignore the last 1.5 weeks when deciding what a player you are interested in is worth. A fair number of teams were interested. What they were willing to pay likely stays in flux until the last moment. Lots of things could impact that positively or negatively.

    • Randaman

      Our luck he would’ve been hurt. Protecting the asset is what a lot of GM’s do so what is your beef exactly? The return is what I expected. Typical Oiler fans would’ve seen a 1st round pick and a grade A prospect. I saw that in many comments over the last two weeks. Dream on kids.

  • GinYCC

    A couple more assets for the “fan” base to pick apart and run out of town. And then of course blame everyone and everything else using perfect hindsight.

    Sometimes it’s really easy to see why its so hard for the Oilers to sign FAs without overpaying or to develop young talent. What UFA would want to play in front of this toxic fan base and how fun would it be to be a young player having your game ripped apart on a regular basis?

    Good luck Patty, wish you the best!

  • D'oh-ilers

    Back in 2015, I kept saying “The Oilers should hire Ray Shero.” and everyone told me I was an idiot for even suggesting it because he was going to ruin the Oilers like he did the Penguins. They were kind of right. He’s definitely ruining the Oilers now.

  • Oil4Ever

    I think a lot of people on here are delusional about the return we were going to get on Maroon. Chia got what he could. I’m angry about this year as well and frustrated with some of Chia’s moves, but let’s all come back to reality please

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    Wow how quickly you all forget. When Edmonton acquired Maroon, they paid a FOURTH and Martin Gernet. This isnt different from what they gave up to get him

    • IRONman

      Missing the point here. Maroon put up points. This is not figure skating!! This is hockey measurement is points. Heavy players are valuable, especially in playoffs. Good for the devils. Hall and now maroon. What next Nuge?? Fire pc. Junk

    • Svart kaffe

      The difference is he has got better since then. And I’m not just talking riding shotgun to McDavid. NJD gets a leaner and more driven Maroon than the one Anaheim gave up.

  • Castrum

    God I love Chiarelli. He can’t make a good trade to save his life (or career). So glad my Jets traded for Stastny. Oilers fans, if you want to see what a competent GM can get in return for virtually nothing, go look that one up.

  • Svart kaffe

    Chiarelli will never do anything worthwhile with that pick and that kid looks like he’ll never put on a NHL jersey. Great.

    At least my other team got a good haul out of Tatar and Yzerman has a real good shot at adding another ring to his collection.

  • corky

    Get used to this. Maroon the type of role player that is interchangable on a roster like this. Bring him in cheap. Does well but team cant pay more because of star salaries, lets go and replaces on the cheap. Chicago has been doing it for years. Part of da biz.

      • Jonrls99

        Tbh we needed to give Sekera that contract at the time because we literally had 0 decent defensemen when he signed. Part of the high AAV was so he’d actually come here too.
        as for russel, it’s a little questionable and I was opposed to him returning but he’s putting up decent production this year, it’s more the term that’s dissapointing.
        As for lucic…. ya idk ?

  • Jonrls99

    Dont worry, maroon will be the Kris russel of this free agency. Hold out for a large contract, not get it, sign cheap one year deal with oilers.

    *somewhat joking, somewhat not*


    Acquiring Maroon was one of the few good things Chiarelli did. But screwing up this season royally, and putting himself in a position that he had to trade Maroon for a third round draft pick totally negates that. It wouldn’t have even been worth a first round draft pick considering how pathetic this organization is at drafting.

  • Glencontrolurstik

    Why not have signed Maroon for a couple of years? He was not a detriment to the team. A great forward with some good history here… Younger, (with a lot of playing time left) than Rick Nash who fetched NY a heck of a lot more from Boston.
    Maroon has similar numbers to Nash & will only get better as his career moves on…
    Just asking? What exactly are we looking for? Regarding the recent “key pieces” that we have let go, it’s probably right in front of our face? Who are we using as a model player, I hope it’s not McDavid or Draisaitl, because trying to match that talent with what we have, is ludicrous….
    Why weren’t you on Stastney at least? Maroon wanted St. Louis, and we wanted more than a 3rd…
    Maybe J.D. will turn out to be another Boeser? Who knows…
    Best o’ Luck Big Rig…

    • QuitForRealThisTime

      “Why not have signed Maroon for a couple of years?” Maroon camp is probably asking (and I am guess) 4.5mil for 5 years. I would not sign him at that.

  • Eyedoc

    Wow! Once again Chia proves he is a waste of time! A 3rd rounder and a 6th round pick for Bigrig.Lestestu brought more for a lesser player.Did Chia ask too much and wait too long? St Lou got Soshnikov for a 3rd round pick.Why not trade the bigrig for him?What a useless mgt team.

    • QuitForRealThisTime

      So you know that St L wanted Maroon? What was the blues official offer? What were some of the other offers? I assume you know this information. I would also find it strange that Chia would accept this offer, intentionally turning down better offers is surprising. List the offers you know he got here, I would like to give my opinion on the one I would have selected.

  • Odanada

    I’m out east and stayed up late to watch the Oilers play last night. A 2 goal lead going into the final minute and TM has Lucic out there!!
    Face it, no matter what Maroon brought in, it wouldn’t change much with TM running the bench, PC at the table and BN at the helm. There are much, much bigger things than Maroon to worry about.