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Lucic gets $10,000 fine for incident with Mathieu Joseph

According to our own Jason Gregor, Milan Lucic received a $10,000 fine, the maximum allowed under the CBA, for the incident with Mathieu Joseph at the end of last night’s game. 

This morning we learned that Milan Lucic would be having a phone hearing with the NHL Department of Player Safety and this after we learned his punishment. In the eyes of the NHL, Lucic’s demolition of Joseph and using him as a booster seat was not worthy of a suspension but did merit a shot to his wallet. As a result, Lucic will receive a $10,000 fine for the play rather than being forced to sit out any games. Personally, I think even a $10K fine is heavy based on what actually happened but I can understand that the NHL wouldn’t want to encourage pre-meditated vigilantism.

According to NHL Numbers, Lucic’s daily Cap Hit is $32,258 which means that he’ll be missing out on roughly a third of a day’s pay, or, to put it another way, he’ll basically be playing the first period of tomorrow’s game in Florida for free — it’s basically a slap on the wrist. While getting a $10,000 fine is certainly a kick to the pills for broke asses like you and me, when you make as much money as the big man does, losing a rack to stick up for your teammate is more like a slight irritation than anything overly harmful. At the end of the day, Lucic Ten grand well spent, eh Milan?

What do you guys think? Fair? Too much? Too light?

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Source: Jason Gregor, Verified Twitter Account, 11/07/2018 – 1:53 pm MT

  • Derian Hatcher

    I have never posted twice before on two separate articles, but I feel very strongly about this so apologies if I offend

    For those that do not know how is works (and there seems to be alot of people in this category)…in hockey when someone takes what is perceived as a cheap shot etc. usually the one making the cheap shot is held accountable by the “code” which is..be prepared to answer for your actions. If a player is going to run around taking shots at the opposition, he will be challenged. To turtle, or to not be accountable is thought of as a coward. To illustrate…Earlier in the game, Kassian left his feet to deliver a hit. As soon as he landed on his feet, he looked around, ready to drop the mitts for anyone on Tampa who was going to hold him accountable.

    For those of you not educated, or that have not played the game. Joseph knew he would have to answer for his actions and the slash on the back of his legs by Looch was his invitation to drop his mitts and square up like real men do. He did not follow the code by accepting the invitation to fight and thus, Looch delivered the message another way.

    Now..this is the most important part…you do not have to agree with the reality of how things are, but this is the way things work in big-boy hockey. The cowards, who are not accountable will get theirs eventually. If Joseph would have answered for his actions would have dropped the mitts like a man, instead of running away like the coward that he is, this wouldn’t have been an issue.

    Finally, for those of you who stand on your moral soapboxes and spout off about “right and wrong” – check yourselves…have you played the game? Have you EVER had a teammate come to your defense in a situation where intimidation was a factor.

    If you have NOT played the game, have you EVER had a big brother / cousin / etc. come to your defense where a one-sided situation might get physical? How many of you are / were frustrated that your kid is getting “bullied” school and “someone should do something about it” ?

    Before those of you make judgement on what Looch did..get educated and informed.

  • Ty Guy

    I really can’t understand why everyone is so gung-ho for this play. He was brought in to prevent this and it still happened. We have plenty of guys (JJ, Kassian, Nurse) that can stand up, produce and not cost us millions of dollars. i would waaay rather hurt teams on the scoreboard. Everyone is trashing me because “Milan showed heart” or “thats why hes here, exercised the code”… I disagree. What I saw was 1 guy throw in the towel for the whole team. we had momentum, we had scoring chances, we had Mcdavid, WE HAD 9 MINUTES STILL!!! maybe out of the realm of possibility for Oilers circa 2012 but achievable for Oilers 2018. i have zero time Looch….aside from the 30 minutes I’ve spent ranting about this today.

    • 99CupsofCoffey

      See, your putting your disdain of Lucic because he’s not performing up to his salary in the way of what actually happened on the ice. People are “gung-ho” for this play because an Oiler said “You don’t do that to my teammates” and took action. I watched the game and couldn’t believe the non-calls, the chuckling all night between Stamkos and the ref, and it boiled down to the little fella wouldn’t drop the gloves. So be it. Lucic made his point.

      • KootenayDan

        I saw that too, made me ill. They didn’t lose because of the refs but the refereeing was horrible and ruined the game to an extent. Bad calls missed calls and a make up call in our favor made no sense.

      • Ty Guy

        The paycheck doesn’t really bother me…I’m glad i am not paying it though. How about I put it like this….say Russell was injured, no call. The fact that the liberty was taken in the first place is what bugs me. Lucic was brought in as an insurance policy. Either Joseph didn’t care about dealing with Lucic or he didn’t have time to correct his hit on Russell. So is Lucic worth every penny if he beats the snot out of someone after the fact? That insurance is supposed to make this not happen….AT ALL. If Yamo gets greased and gets hurt for 6 weeks is it cool as long as Looch punches the guys face in? I don’t think so. you still lose Yamo for 6 weeks and the damage is done…he is not preventing teams from doing anything.

        • Towers-of-dub

          If some no name name rookie wants to go round whacking a solid team guy like Russel, he’s going to get fed. He’s not going to be running anyone from behind next time they play. Having someone like Lucic doesn’t prevent it from happening, it just makes it happen less often.

        • Doing something like this does send a message and reduces the number of plays like the hit from behind. There is nothing that is going to eliminate them. Look at the missed games since Lucic has been here compared to the 5 years before

        • Rugbypig

          You have a short memory
          I’m assuming you have forgotten about the “Straw man” argument point made earlier.
          Stop spouting the same have no clue point please

    • Gonzo

      Maybe we could of come back maybe not. Personally I doubt we could of. That said I think this will have more an affect on team bonding moving forward. Burn 9 minutes to win a few extra games through the season. I’ll take those intangibles any day. Time will tell.

  • Oiler Al

    Too bad Looch didn’t put a REAL hurt on this cowardly punk.Running around , taking cheap shots.The no-talent muffin, probably will be in some beer league in Quebec when Oilers meet Tampa again.

  • Hemmercules

    Fair. Pennies to him and he showed everyone that he respects his teammates. Its the type of thing we need from him but he might want to try a less deliberate manner next time to avoid the fine. Not something you wanna see in a close game but this one seemed out of reach.

  • Hughsey

    I hoped he would be suspended so Jesse can get in there. This guy is useless in another scoring slump…did he ever really get out of the one from last year? Yes he was pissed and standing up for teammate but on the other hand it was stupid at least make a big hit against the boards dont be dirty make them hurt in other ways. Like i dont know scoring a goal?

    • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

      Lucic is all about protecting and stepping up for teammates. It’s one of the reasons why we signed him. But, you’re one of those people who only cares about goals and points, so this little act is lost on you

    • Lazarus

      He might as well. He sure isn’t concerned with picking up points. What a hack. Jumping some. No name 40 pounds lighter than he is?
      What’s with the Oil and bushleague classless moves. This, Nurse jumping Polak with his gloves still on
      Nurse jumping Andersson, a Swede who has never fought before. No wonder they’re a joke throughout the league

      • VvV

        Your whole comment was just so you could complain about the Nurse vs Andersson fight wasn’t it, I smell a flame burning. Take another look at that one, Nurse didn’t jump him, of anything Andersson instigated that, he wouldn’t let it go, then got destroyed for it.

      • Blueliner44

        Like Polak doesn’t have a reputation for cheap shots and taking fights with guys that don’t fight. You tube is full of evidence. Nurse fought Polak in retaliation for a perceived dirty hit that Polak drew a penalty on. Tone it down about 75% there super chief and give your head a shake.

  • Spydyr

    What Lucic did got around the NHL. What do you think would happen to the fool that took a cheap shot at Connor? Well worth the fine and pretty well the only reason to keep Lucic around.

  • CMG30

    $10,000? He could go the rest of the year without a point and teams will hire him to be the enforcer after his performance. If I was Lucic, I’d consider that fine a solid investment!