Inside the Nation: Free Agency, Trades and Kicking Field Goals

Dusty is back from Vancouver *spits* and is fully recovered from the sickness that he contracted in that city.

Here is what you can hear about with our tall friend today:

  • Golf tourney hype
  • Free agent wishes and dreams
  • Brett Connolly
  • Gustav Nyquist
  • Gaetan Haas
  • Can we get a Haula in here???
  • Vegas trade targets
  • Goalie talk
  • Mike Smith
  • Petr Mrazek
  • Robin Lehner
  • Valtteri Filppula
  • Dmitri Samorukov kicking field goals:

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Check out the full video below:


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  • McDangles

    Haula as the 3C is an idea I’ve been talking about on forums every now and again lately. I could for sure get behind a deal formed around Pulju for Haula if he regains his form from before his injury. But the conditions on the 5th round pick sent to Vegas makes me wonder if Haula was brought in for their lineup, not to be shipped out so quickly. I know it’s only a 5th rounder lost if they choose to move him out quickly, but the wording on the conditions makes me think Vegas considered the possibility of this happening and tried to assure that he was going to be a Hurricane next season.

    As per Pierre Lebrun: ”Conditions on 5th RD pick in Haula trade: if he’s on the Hurricanes roster past next season Vegas gets the pick (so if he signs); If the ‘Canes trade Haula for either a player, or multiple picks, or a pick in rounds 1-5, Vegas also gets the 5th. If Haula walks next year, no pick.”

    I’m hopeful this rumour has legs though, as it’s a deal that could help the team a lot imo. If not let Pulju go to Europe and play out next season. Hopefully his tune would change after a year elsewhere.