With day one of the NHL Draft in the books and rounds 2-7 still to come, Dusty Nielson is back with another episode of Inside the Nation to break it all down. In today’s episode, Dusty breaks down the Philip Broberg selection from last night, including where he fits on the prospect depth chart, and previews day two with a list of players the Oilers might be interested in with their second round pick.
To kick off today’s edition of Inside the Nation, Dusty starts off with a look at the Philip Broberg pick that kicked a hornet’s nest and whether or not the reaction was justified. For as angry as some folks were, Broberg is a legitimate prospect that may take some time to get up and running but does have the potential to be a real difference maker if he can put it all together. From there, we turn to the second round of the draft and look at which forwards might still be available when the Oilers step up for pick #38. With Broberg taken last night, you’d have to think a forward will be next up, right? We shall see. Lastly, Dusty takes a walk through the rumour mill to see any of the chatter surrounding the Oilers will actually turn into a trade. From what he’s been told, Jesse Puljujarvi will either be traded today or not at all so that will be a storyline to follow all day as we move through day two of the NHL Draft.
Check out the full video below:


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