Inside the Nation: Inside the Line-up

The holiday is over and Dusty is back in the mix with the Nation. The lineup is coming together and Dusty is starting an episodely look at the team going forward. Today is Lucic getting a bump from new coach Tippett versus still struggling. This and much much more can be yours to hear if you just click below. Follow along every Monday and Thursday to chat with Dustin live.

Here is what you missed:

  • Free Agent talk going dumpster diving
  • Dzingel as an Oiler?
  • Ferland?
  • Tomas Vanek?
  • The Oilers current lineup
  • Is Lucic still going to be on the team?
  • Tyler Benson playing on the big squad?
  • Moving around cap
  • Jesse / Milan trade linking

Check out today’s episode below:

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Previous Episodes:


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    • Fireball

      I’m good either way of having McLeo or not. I’ve read articles that have broken down having them together or not. They are highly productive together but it pointed out that a lot of that production is because they are together and only when they are on the ice. They can’t be on the ice for 60 mins. McD will rack up points no matter what but In that article they hypothesis if Leon was on line 2 with 10-15 less points than he finished with while McD finished with 10-15 less points the actual team on ice production would go up. This has a lot of merit as apart you essentially double their time on the ice. If they play say 18 mins each apart that’s 36 mins of high production time. They have to face one of them for more than half the game .. You still have 4-6 mins of them together on the PP. if they play together all the time your getting 21-22-23 mins only. There are plenty of teams that do not have 100 plus point duos that were in the playoffs. In the end the main issue is you have to have contributing wingers to play with. Leon spent a lot of time last year with Reider who didn’t finish the season with a goal on any line. Aside from Leon banking one in off him was his only chance of contributing but then that was never going to happen because Reider never ever went to the net.. I wonder if that played a role in his league record for no goals in a season ?? Lol anyhow.. there’s a argument both ways. But two lesser productive lines can out score one highly productive line. With Leon so dominate at Centre it’s hard to think as of him as a winger in my view. But that’s likely where he is this year.

  • percy

    Dir and MacD are to productive together to split them up. Those 2 alone along with hot goal tending is enough to get us to the post season.some secondary scoring from the 3rd and 4th line and finding a winger to complement Nuge will be the clincher. The hot goal tending is the big hope though, let’s hope they can pull the rabbit out of the hat.

    • macinmillwoods

      Great goaltending can give them a chance whether McD or Drai play on the same line or not. Last year showed the result of playing McD and Drai together and getting crap goaltending.

  • CactusJr

    It doesn’t have to be one or the other. ideally they start on their own lines, then, as the game dictates you get them out together after tv time outs, or on home ice with last change and a good matchup etc….