Baggedmilk on #theLOCKERROOM: A week of struggles and stolen points

Good morning, everybody! Welcome to yet another edition of Baggedmilk’s adventures in radio! This week, we looked at the Oilers’ recent struggles, relying on goaltending, and whether or not world events are going to drastically change the end of the NHL season.

To kick off this week’s appearance, we started with a look at the Oilers’ last week and how they’ve struggled mightily at even strength to the point of wondering what’s going on. Could more than just Connor McDavid be battling illness right now (he will be back in the lineup tonight)? The team certainly looks flat enough to wonder if there’s a bug going through the dressing room, though, that might only apply to skaters as Mikko Koskinen has been lights out excellent over the past week. Lastly, we had to touch on the COVID-19 pandemic as we wondered what’s going to happen to the NHL as more cases are confirmed throughout North America. Could the league be forced to cancel games or play in front of empty stadiums because of Coronavirus? With the way the world is going right now, unfortunately, it’s starting to look that way. Obviously, I would love to be wrong.

Listen to today’s appearance below:

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