Caleb Jones wants to play video games with you

As time rolls on in his strange social distancing life we’re all stuck in right now, everyone is looking for ways to pass the time and connect while remaining at a safe distance. Thankfully, the Internet is always ready to entertain and Edmonton Oilers defenceman, Caleb Jones, is using his downtime to connect with fans by inviting them to join him for a few rounds of NBA2K.

I know everyone has heard this 1000x already, but it’s important that we all do what we can to keep ourselves inside as much as possible as a means of flattening the curve and that’s why I love that Caleb Jones has reached out to Oilers fans to connect over some vids. It’s not often that you get a chance to play video games with a guy you watch on TV every couple of days, but that’s exactly what he’s encouraging fans to do in a short video he posted on social media yesterday.

“Hey Oilers fans, hope you guys are all staying safe during these tough times — find a way to stay busy and active. Right now, I’ve got a little free time so I’m playing some NBA2K against my brother (Seth Jones). I’m going to be the Clippers, he’s going to be the Lakers, and we’ll see how it goes, but if any Oilers fans want to try me out in 2K just DM me. I hope you guys stay safe and I’m looking forward to playing in front of you guys again.”

If you’re interested in playing some vids with Jones, head over to his Twitter or Instagram accounts where he’s asking folks to slide into his DMs and he’ll reach out. From where I blog, Jones’ gesture deserves some love because even though it may be small, he’s doing his part to keep the community together and morale up.

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Well done, Caleb. We speak your name.