Real Life Podcast Episode 167 – Nation Beer, Tiger King, and the NHL Playoffs

With society still locked down and sports paused for a third week, the boys were back with another fresh episode of the Real Life Podcast to, hopefully, give you a few laughs and help you kill an hour of your time. This week, the guys looked at the new Nation Beer launch, Tiger King, quarantine life, and much more.

To start off today’s episode, we looked at the launch of the new edition of NationBeer, which is now on pre-sale through Dog Island Brewing! Due to the overwhelming response from Nation citizens so far, Jay talked about how he’ll be hitting the streets to make deliveries to our loyal customers to make sure that everyone is staying hydrated through this time of self-quarantine. Changing gears, the boys started with a look at Tiger King but then got instantly distracted by the way TV shows are being cancelled or altered just to be able to stay on the air. (SPOILERS) Back to Tiger King, the guys broke down some of the characters and how they all interact in what can undoubtedly be described as one of the strangest shows of all time. From Joe Exotic to Doc Antle to Jeff Lowe to Carole Baskin, there was no shortage of oddballs in the viral series and trying to explain it to someone that has no context of who these people are is nearly impossible but ultimately hilarious. Lastly, we looked around the world of sports to see if there is any news worth talking about or if things are as disastrously dire as they were last week.

Listen to this week’s podcast below:

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