Real Life Podcast Episode 169 – No Vest for Eric Clapton and Farewell Rexall Place

Another week in quarantine means another episode of the Real Life Podcast to try and keep you entertained for an hour while trying to ignore the real world if only for a moment or two. This week, the guys looked at their favourite memories from Rexall Place, finding good news in tough times, and denying Eric Clapton of a new vest.

To start today’s podcast, the guys got going with a look at how everyone is living during these strange quarantine days. Chalmers confessed that being stuck in the house giving him an excuse to lay on the couch and do nothing which could become a problem, while Wanye wonders if he’ll ever be able to get back to being productive even when the Coronavirus pandemic is behind us. As it turns out, laying around the house can be addicting, though, that laziness somehow spawned a story from Chalmers’ childhood where his dad’s band opened for Eric Clapton and how his old man turned the blues legend down when Clapton asked if he could have his vest. It’s weird, but it’s true. Changing gears entirely, the boys looked back at some of their favourite travel stories from a simpler time when travel was actually permitted, and it was a lot of fun to hear some of the crazy experiences everyone has lived through. With the world’s climate being anything but positive right now, the boys tried their best to look back at some of their favourite old stories as a means of getting away from the endless barrage of bad news we’re being pummeled with so far in 2020.

Listen to today’s podcast below:

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