Oilersnation Radio Episode 82 – Happy Connorversary!

Another week in self-isolation is in the books and that means a fresh episode of Oilersnation Radio is here to get you set for the weekend… or… whatever you’re calling Saturday and Sunday at this point. This week, we look at the 5th Connorversary of the most important draft lottery win in franchise history, Andreas Athanasiou, impactful trades, and a whole lot more.

To start off today’s podcast, we took a few minutes to pay tribute to Colby Cave after he tragically lost his life to a brain bleed last weekend. From the message put out by his family to the tribute in North Battleford earlier this week, there’s no doubt about how incredible of a person Colby Cave was and this loss was devastating for anyone that was lucky enough to know him. Rest easy, Colby. We then looked at the charity NHL 20 games that Wayne Gretzky and Alex Ovechkin will be playing against each other early next week and trying to decide whether or not The Great One will have enough gaming experience to pull out a win. Obviously, the most important part about this head-to-head is the charity angle but it was still fun to come up with theories on how Gretzky can take it to Ovechkin in this best of three series. Sticking with phenomenal players, we looked at the five-year Connorversary that’s coming up tomorrow, and recounted where we were when Bill Daly flipped over the golden ticket. Obviously, winning the opportunity to draft Connor McDavid changed the course of the franchise forever and we were all too happy to re-live those early moments. Finally, the guys wrap up this week’s show with another edition of Hot and Cold performers, breaking down the best and worst aspects of their lives from the past week.

The 2020/2021 Oilers Won't Have Many Changes

Listen to this week’s podcast below:

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