Edmonton Oilers Prospect Countdown #15: Olivier Rodrigue

Bruce Curlock
10 months ago
Olivier Rodrigue is the second goalie of the Edmonton Oilers Prospect Countdown and he enters at #15.
Position: Goalie
Catches: Left 
Nationality: Canada
Date of Birth: July 6, 2000
Drafted: 2nd round, 2018 
Height: 6’1″ / 185 cm
Weight: 174lbs / 79 kg
Ranking last year: No. 15
Olivier Rodrigue entered the season in a pitched battle for AHL time after the Oilers signed Ryan Fanti in the spring of 2022. Rodrigue had a really challenging first couple of pro seasons despite being a second-round pick, so there was a legitimate concern about his future. Well, Rodrigue put together a strong season and fully entrenched himself as an NHL prospect.
The stats look very good, but even more impressive was that Rodrigue’s numbers were as good as NHL vet Calvin Pickard’s numbers. Indeed, myself, and some other watchers of the Condors, wondered why Rodrigue didn’t see more time as the year progressed because there were periods of time when he was better than Pickard.
What had plagued Rodrigue in his first two-year professional years was a habit of giving up an easy goal every game. The other part was a glove hand that seemed to get picked on by professional shooters. The 2022/23 season saw a much more consistent Rodrigue who rarely let in the “bad goal” and whose glove hand appeared to have improved.
When I talk to experts on goaltending prospects what they like about Rodrigue is his technical set-up combined with his athletic ability. Here is a couple of really good examples of how good he is technically while being able to react when play gets frantic.

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Here is a great high-angle shot of the best part of Olivier Rodrigue’s game: his technique. He comes across composed and with minimal open space tight to the body. He does his best to re-direct the shot to the corner away from trouble.

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For Rodrigue, the 2022-23 season was a success. He managed to quell some of the ghosts of the prior two pro seasons. He even jumped up to take over the starting role for Bakersfield at points in the season. He played so well many questioned not playing him even more. Given he is an RFA at the end of the 2023-24 season, Rodrigue’s upcoming season will be even more important. If he continues to build off this past season, the Oilers may just have a new goalie prospect knocking on the door of the NHL.

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