Oilersnation reacts to beating the Calgary Flames

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Caroline Szwed
1 year ago
Oh my goodness, what did we just witness in Game 5 between the Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames?! The Battle of Alberta (playoff edition) did not disappoint one bit!
Let’s start with one of the most controversial calls of the year:
I know there’s a lot of controversy around the call but there’s absolutely no doubt that the better team won that series. What do you think, Oilersnation? Talk to me in the comments.
Okay, let’s move onto the most insane 1:11 minutes we’ve ever seen in hockey…
(I feel like everyone must have been at max heart rate during this time)
And then there’s this stat from Bob Stauffer that sums up the BoA very nicely for Oilers fans:
Game 5 also happened to fall on a very important and special day…
…which made this iconic moment even more memorable for all of Oilersnation. Happy Birthday Ben!
While hockey fans across the world tuned into the BoA, many of them started to learn a valuable lesson on Connor McDavid:
While other fans took the time to voice their appreciation and respect for Ryan Nugent-Hopkins:
This BoA playoff series was so important, some pretty crazy bets were made!
Case and point: Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette.
Now, please correct me if I’m wrong but this is how I think the bet went down:
If Calgary beat Edmonton in round two of the playoffs, Ryan Whitney had to pierce his ears.
If Edmonton beat Calgary in round two of the playoffs, Paul Bissonette had to shave his head.
If you haven’t already watched this video, I highly recommend it. Ryan Whitney is peak comedy.
The banter between these two was so funny, even the Oilers got involved once Edmonton secured their spot in the third round:
Now for the best part! Here are some of my favourite posts from Oilers fans themselves:
To wrap things up, I am so happy for Oilers fans. This fan base deserves this moment!
Up next: Colorado or St. Louis!

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