Oilersnation reacts to NHL trade deadline

Caroline Szwed
11 months ago
Ahhhh, the NHL trade deadline! A day where hockey fans across the league are glued to their TV’s, social media or let’s be honest, Frank Seravalli’s Twitter account as he breaks all the trades of the day. But for now, let’s focus just on the Edmonton Oilers and the greatest fan base in the league (unbiased opinion).
Let’s start with our very own Baggedmilk as he had high hopes for the trade deadline and hilariously set the tone for the day:
Baggedmilk wanted “big tradez” from the Oilers and here’s what the fans got:
Here’s a quick Coles notes / Google search on defenceman Brett Kulak if you didn’t already do so:
  • 28 years old
  • Eight year NHL veteran
  • Spent the last four seasons playing for the Montreal Canadiens
  • In 56 games played this season, he scored 3 goals and 13 points
Now, what does the whole trade look like, you ask?
Bobby Margarita has entered the chat.
The media quickly started to weigh in on the Brett Kulak acquisition:
But what matters most, is of course, what was going through the minds of Oilers fans across the social media world.
While some fans really didn’t like the trade…
…others were quick to jump to Ken Holland’s defence.
Then there are those who have the ultimate perspective:
And just when you thought the day was done…
…Mark Spector has entered the chat and we won’t hold the spelling error against him.
Our very own NHL Sid gives us the rundown on Derick Brassard:
But some Oilers fans weren’t too excited about this move…
Finally, to summarize this NHL trade deadline, here’s a tweet from Jason Gregor:
What are your thoughts on the addition of Kulak and Brassard while saying our goodbyes to Lagesson a second and a fourth round draft pick? Talk to us in the comments! Do you love the trades or absolutely hate them?
Tell us how you really feel and definitely don’t hold back!
For all the information on both of the trades, please visiting Oilersnation.com and check out Zach Laing’s articles:

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