Sunday Scaries: Greta parties, game ones and good times

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Kylie Salai
11 months ago
Well well well Oilersnation.
What a ride this week was.
The Oilers kicked off their week in Vegas for game one of round two, and well, it was certainly a game one. I’m sure you all understand by that, I mean we lost, which to me was a good thing because I’m super superstitious and the last time we won a game one we lost the series.
I’ve said it before, and I will say it again:
If we lose every game one and win every series, I DO NOT CARE.
As I like to say in my day-to-day life… a win is a win.
Now, just because I am superstitious and didn’t necessarily want us to win does not mean I appreciated the way the Oilers played in that hockey game. Despite Leon Draisaitl scoring first to give the Oilers an early lead, Vegas came back 40 seconds later while we were still celebrating the goal at GRETA. They would score two more in the period and gather themselves a 3-1 lead, but Draisaitl would score his second of the period to keep us within one. a slow second period would keep the score the same going into the third. Starting the third on the powerplay, Draisaitl scored his hat trick goal. again, shortly after, vegas scored two quick ones to give themselves another two-goal lead. If you thought Draisaitl was stopping at three, you would be wrong. He and Eichel would exchange goals to give us a 6-4 final.
After some schedule drama, the Oilers played game two last night, and boy, was that a fun one.
When Leon scores two goals, and Bouchard and Connor are able to get on the score sheet in the first period alone, we can assume we’re in for a good game.
One powerplay goal in the second period from Connor would be all the Oilers score in the game, but there was still drama to be had.
Brett Kulak and Evander Kane got into tussles with Brett Howden and Keegan Kolesar, respectively. The Kane and Kolesar drama spilled over into the third, and the game continued to be scrappy, which I’m sure is something we can look forward to for the remainder of the series.
Ivan Barbashev scored shortly into the third period, sadly ending Stuart Skinner’s shut-out campaign.

Time for the scaries!

My first one isn’t really a fear, but I guess that other teams should be scared because Leon freaking Draisaitl is an unstoppable train right now, and it’s WILD. If I wasn’t an Oilers fan, I would be terrified.
My first actual fear is surrounding Vinny Desharnais. NOW, he has been underperforming in the playoffs, I don’t need to say it, we all know, however, this is his first NHL playoffs. He is making costly mistakes, and I’m positive nobody knows that more than he does, so for everyone on social media and IN the media to be dragging him through the mud constantly is ridiculous, in my opinion.
I fear my wave video for game 2 in the second intermission is the reason that Skinner lost his shut-out, and for that, I am deeply sorry, but it was my favourite wave video ever.
Tyler being on the broadcast was also a little jumpscare.
My final fear is Nuge’s lack of production… we all see it, it’s brutal out there for him.

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